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Hey China, FUCK YOU!     story is below

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Crypto Currency is a joke to many people. But after getting screwed around by my Credit Union, I can see where it is necessary. I can send money instantly with Paypal, yet it takes banks fucking hours or DAYS to move money? Oh, and feel free to help your self to OD fee’s in the meantime. Our credit Union says, “your story matter here”. Clearly not all people’s stories matter. Also, its hard to believe it’s the “other banks fault” every fucking time!


So people who couldn’t win a second term, and shouldn’t have won the first one, were actually talking about enacting marshal law, SO THEY COULD STAY IN POWER. What the actual fuck is wrong with some of you? Other than having your brain washed and filled by foreign owned fox entertainment? When it comes to disrespecting the flag, kneeling for the fucking anthem better get in line! Supporting that piece of trump in the white house is way further up the list!


I have noticed that most new homes in the United States don’t have a front porch. That’s because most American workers don’t have any fucking time to sit on a porch. Maybe the dead end road we have been on is, a dead end? Maybe as a country we can be smart enough to get off the road before we get to the dead end???????


Its that time of the year when you have to remind some people, that Mr. Potter in the movie It’s a Wonderful Life, is a bad guy. He is not someone to look up to. He is NOT someone to elect to public office. There are several lessons in that movie that clearly have not sunk into enough people's brains. “Today’s level of greed is not a sustainable model. Its not very civilized either.”  Tww


I have turned some of the older pages back on. I forgot how funny some of them were. Have a great weekend everyone.


Senator Joseph Manchin, Democrat from West Virginia said, "Bipartisanship and compromise is alive and well in Washington, contrary to what you've been hearing. We've proven that.” Well if I may correct the Senator, we have not just heard it, we have SEEN Washington DC not compromising. Both times President Obama was elected, bitch mcconel and john boaner said they would not work with the president. I hope for the country’s sake, it is alive now for good.

RIP Eric. The world sucks without you.



Open Letter to Senator Braun

So apparently Rich Guy and pretend Senator Mike Braun from Indiana criticized the media for failing to investigate voter fraud. There are several problems with that statement, let me see if I can explain a few.

First, is seems there is very little voter fraud to investigate. Only people who have no idea how Americans vote, could think voter fraud is widespread.

Second, you are asking the media to investigate something. Yet you support a dictator like president who has condemned the media every time they report the truth. So, to smarter people, this is just a ploy on your part.  Anyone with basic history knowledge knows another person in history who vilified the press so he could raise to power and then hold onto it. At least he had served as a corporal in the military.

Now if you really want a story, they should investigate election fraud. That’s not just a bigger fish, it’s a whole school of them. Some governments are buying election equipment from Russia. What could possibly go wrong there? Politicians are making it harder for Americans to vote by closing polling places, reducing early voting, requiring ID’s and closing ID branches. Then there is dark money, foreign owned fox entertainment dumbing down the herd, and a “president” who lies consistently. Not just about big things, but about everything.  

Rather than passing the blame, why don’t you come clean with your supporters. Tell the truth for a change. Represent people, instead of other rich people like you.

Thomas Wurster



Our youngest daughter just came back from the grocery store upset. Apparently and inbred hollered this at her, “you’re a Nigger Loving Race Traitor”. Of course, it was a big white guy, hollering at a short white woman wearing a BLM shirt. All lives do matter. But all lives are NOT treated the same you fucking inbred hairless apes.  


Republican politicians are not afraid of trump. They are afraid of the constituents that they have been lying to for decades.

Good luck with that. Thoughts and prayers.

Also why don’t the Good People of Clay County Georgia matter??????


I don’t have a problem with investigating Hunter Biden’s taxes. When the fuck are you going to investigate president heelspurs’s taxes?????

Why don’t the people of Clay County Georgia count????


I am leaving this story on top for a few days. I want to know why the Good People of Clay County don’t matter?

Also, I had a trumpster tonight who wanted to bet me as to whether the facts I was giving him, were true or not. Facts, some of which have been in the news for 2 or 3 years. Holy shit is the stupid still strong!

12/7/2020      12/7/1941 RIP Heroes!


Clay County Georgia STILL has only one Doctor. ONE FUCKING DOCTOR for a WHOLE county!!!! Who the fuck has been running things there???? Georgia People, you need to slap the electoral shit out of whoever has left you in this position!!!!

12/6/2020   9:53 PM

One more thing. One of the threats that escaped the gop creatures’ mouth, is health care for illegal aliens. So, to all you pretend “pro-lifers”, shove your fake beliefs right up your ass! I would much rather pay to care for a child, than to spend ANY of OUR money at one of dump’s country club dumps! Pull your head out of your trump why don’t you?????


I caught a little bit of a Georgia debate tonight. FEAR and the ignorance that their supporters have are the ONLY things the GOP have on their side!  “Liberals will raise taxes”, yea because we have to pay for the mountain of spending and tax cuts you fucking not smarter than 5th graders have done! You said “liberals will want more lock downs”, and you also said that “liberals will raise taxes during a pandemic”.  So, which should we worry about? Should we fucking worry about the pandemic, or the taxes being raised? Did you even see what you just did there? You ignorant fucking sub morons? I am again embarrassed to be an American and an old white man. Keep voting against everyone’s best interest’s but the super-rich, you fucking wastes of human flesh! Thoughts and prayers stupid mother fuckers!


We need to find some common ground. Its part of evolving. Without it, we are probably not smart enough as a specie to go on. Abortion is one of those things we can’t seem to agree on. This is my perspective. “A child dies every few seconds from starvation and preventable disease. If we as a specie can’t save them, it is selfish and irresponsible to bring millions of unwanted babies unto the earth.”tww Also, its kind of hard to call your self “pro-life”, when you elect politicians that don’t giver a shit about that life once it is born. Cutting social programs is what I am talking about.

If you have time to bully women who need an abortion, your lazy ass has time to help single parents.



A family coming out of a local business here in Muncie was verbally assaulted by an inbred because they were wearing masks. This included swearing at the Mom and children. I can assume if their Dad was there, the coward wouldn’t have said anything. I have spent much of my life helping and leading by example. But I will take no more shit from inbred’s. Don’t like that title? Then grow the fuck up!


I got a response from someone on youtube with the following youtube name.

"NlGGER Racing 卐"

I responded with the comment, “did your daddy marry his sister?” I guess he found it offensive, because my comment is gone. I will not lie and say I have never used the N word. I have. But I was a child then. When I became an adult, I stopped using that word.

Is this a sign that we are “great again”?


My wife was a 4H leader years ago. One of the girls that was in her 4H club, now an adult, recently died from Covid. She left behind an 11 year old son. Now we no longer live in that state, but imagine what it must be like to be a child, lose your Mother to Covid, then hear brainless assholes everyday say that it doesn’t exist? Someone told me today to “educate myself”. I then educated him.


So I need to correct yesterday’s blog. Here I thought “our” politicians did something for us. Nope. I guess it’s back to business as usual.  Fuckers!


I was so happy to see “our” politicians, at least some of them, come together to try to work out a stimulus package. You see at the end of the day; the United States is people. Not a flag, or a political party, or a fucking song, its US. The U.S., is US damnit. Now some of you need to pull your head out of your ass, or trumps ass, or wherever the hell it is, and buy a fucking clue people!

I didn’t see the name of either of the two Indiana Senators. My guess is they are still working with trump to build an anti-caravan wall. I believe Kentucky said that they would pay for it.



Last night around ten, I drove to the other end of Muncie and back. I did not see a salt truck, until I was almost home. This morning I saw two salt trucks on the bypass, better late than never. I then drove to the other end of Muncie and back. Apparently, Muncie decided to go with never. Many of the roads were extremely icy. What is the thinking here Mr. Muncie Mayor?



I am not sure who’s call it is to have the roads treated,  either in Muncie, or Delware County, but you all seem to be asleep at the wheel. I didn’t see any salt trucks today or tonight, either on 67 or anywhere in the downtown area where I drove. There were several slick spots. The temp seemed to be, between 30 and 32 degrees.



I am not saying that to the Chinese People. I am saying it to the pieces of shit, who were behind the “Australian Tweet” and to those of you who are trying to turn Chinese Citizens into robots. I am saying it to the low life scumbags, that are trying to wipe out anyone who doesn’t fit their “hitler esque” idea of a “perfect person”. Oh, and that pudgy mother fucker who doesn’t want to be likened to Winnie the Pooh, that is an insult to the bear, to say your sorry ass looks like him.

Rise up people of the world, and bitch slap tyranny NOW! 



“Ba hum bug”, said the DJ this morning, because it is going to snow. Maybe the suicide rate in Indiana is so high, because you mother fuckers can’t cheer the hell up? I know your listeners are feeling ba hum bug. Do you think egging it on will help? Or are you just trying to fit in? This is not a Muncie only problem. But for now, that is where I live, so let’s start here.

Why not try this? Its supposed to snow later. Please be careful if you have to go out and drive. Let the sight of the snow, remind you of different and happier times. Remember those who are no longer with us. Instead of being so fucking miserable, why not try cheering the fuck up? Ok so the last line you might not get away with. Living in a rut for your whole life must suck. Even when the worst things were happening to me, all I could think is that there are people out there who have it worse.

I challenge everyone of you to cheer the hell up. Try to find something positive, or maybe just shut the hell up, so you don’t have to bring others down with you.  I would like to mention I also caught a tiny bit of news. A republican politician mentioned how the schools need money, but how we need to get back to “financial responsibility” or something like that. Well who the fuck has been in charge here? Have you not been financially responsible? And why does education always have to be cut? Oh, that’s right. The dumber the herd, the better for you to keep fucking them over, right?


I will probably take the weekend off. Ask questions. Look around and learn. I have been hard on the trumpsters, because they screwed us all. But we are all in this together. As a third-generation firefighter, I helped everyone that needed it. We are supposed to be Americans, not republicans or democrats. We can only survive as Americans, or we will most certainly fail.



I heard this gem today, “Thanksgiving that day when you get together with loved ones and wait for the police to knock on your door.”  Now I get it. I had two DJ roommates years ago. They are supposed to have that dry wit, but why not give this a try?

Thanksgiving, like so many other things in our lives, will be different. Why not look for someone who has no Thanksgiving? Why not share some of what you have, with others? Maybe even those that are not like you?

On a happy note, I have replaced the radio in our bedroom with a tv. One more place and instance, where I don’t have to listen to a WoofBoom station. Be straight with your listeners, or you continue to encourage them to vote against their best interests.


You think kneeling for the anthem is disrespectful?  It’s not NEARLY as disrespectful as adding ANYTHING to the United states Flag. That includes the silhouette of a draft dodging imbecile, or that Q-non bullshit. Did I misspell it? Tough.


When Chris Christie is the voice of reason in your group, you are really fucked. You are beyond fucked. You are so beyond fucked, it would take the light from fucked a year to get to you. Chris Christie, shut down a bridge, risking people’s lives, just to be a dick. The entire republican party seems to think acting like Jr. High kids, is the way to go. Are we great again yet? Fuck no. Not even close Karens.


Bed Bugs and Broomsticks Episode 8

Flos guided Greiderick to a vacant table, sitting across from him, she seemed to never stop smiling. This helped Greiderick be at ease in his absolutely new surroundings. The different flavors he was experiencing seemed as wild as everything else happening to Greiderick. Some of the other Perditus would glance over and smile at him from time to time. Flos handed Greiderick a mug of wine. “You might want to take that slow”, said Flos.  

The tables were laid out like spokes on a wheel, with a big area in the center of the room. There was now a Perditus standing there in the middle and the room slowly got quieter, and then totally quiet. “I would like to welcome Greiderick the newest member of our family. Greiderick, my name is Magister, or teacher. We are the Perditus. Most of us live regular lives with regular trades. That way we can more easily be there to help others when they need it most” said Magister

“We train when we can. We help when we can. We love when we can”, he went on Flos winked at Greiderick. He could feel his face redden. “We will keep you here for training. When you are ready to leave, we have set up an apprenticeship for you if you are interested”, said Magister. Greiderick had just taken a bite, he cleared his throat as quick as he could, rose up, and replied, ”yes My Lord, I am most grateful” There was a little chuckling at the my lord comment. “You can dispense of the My Lord, at least when we are here. In that case, let us celebrate the new addition to our family”, said Magister.


The cowardice of republican politicians to stand up to president heelspurs and tell the truth, has more than one driving force. To begin with, republican politicians have been misleading their constituents, when they weren’t just out right lying to them. So now, they are between a moron and an angry misled and not to bright mob.

President heelspurs, knows the laws he has broken, and he knows that justice is waiting to bite his fat ass. Then of course there are all the republican politicians that have also broken the law, with and without president heelspurs. Then there is the fact that they have no intention, nor do they have the courage to own up to what they have done. They more than likely lack the resources to understand what they have done.

But by all means stand for that anthem!!!!


The father of Britney Spears has been in charge of her for 12 years. Britney would like someone else to be put in charge. This is some typical bullying by old white men. They just can’t stop wanting to be in charge of shit, even though they clearly suck pretty often at running things. I would think that most women who support this are just Kowtowing to their white men. We really are all in this together as a specie. Our only hope of evolving, and continuing to live, depends on these stupid animals coming together and not ruing the Earth forever.

The United States, China, and Russia came together to vanquish a common enemy. Then the three took off on an asinine race to kill everyone on Earth. Is everyone following along on this?


Originally, I had ideas for making a better world for all, on this site. One of them was to put together regional disaster response units. Veterans could be a big help in this area. Climate change doesn’t give a rat’s ass whether you believe in it or not. Scientists can only somewhat guess as to the weather that is coming, thanks to the human animal.

How can we pay for it? Legalize and tax marijuana. Make the very rich start paying their share. Tax hedge funds more, whatever the hell they are. Your piles of money won’t mean shit, without a civilization to spend it in.

11/21/2020    12.05AM  Good morning!

The “president” is no stranger to making our country less safe. Intelligence agencies are afraid to share information with us, because president spankaroo might share it with the enemy. So as he dicks around with President Biden, he continues to risk our safety for the sake of being petty. If you republicans really can’t understand this, then you are absolutely unqualified to be in power. If you do understand it but don’t act, then you are cowards.



I will probably stop picking on Muncie Radio, mostly. They really try to be involved in the community, I assume to make it better. So why not be honest with people? Trump lost. He lies again and again. His behavior has been like that of a spoiled child. Not a president. Is it really the money? If so, how sad.


I was told they made a stupid comment on one of the Muncie stations today about Biden.  I don’t remember them making stupid comments about trump. He certainly has given enough ammunition to highlight his ignorance. You purposely keep these people down. Why not tell them how bad the debt is? Because you don’t know? Why not tell them the truth about the Mueller Report? 199 criminal charges, 37 indictments, and several people were sent to jail. Including one of the “president’s” former campaign managers and the “president’s” former fixer/lawyer. When I tell this truth and reality to a trumpster, they call me a liar. Buy the fucking book bird santuary patriots!!!

Why not tell them how the trump foundation has been closed down for fraud? Why not tell them how Attorney General Barr had Epstein murdered? Why not point out the obvious lies that the “president” told about the virus?  You pretend to care about the community. Yet you lead them off the cliff. How patriotic. Maybe add some more flags this year to your pretend celebrations?


Bed Bugs and Broomsticks Episode 7

Greiderick slid into a fairly large room. The slide emptied onto a ledge about three feet off the ground. The Perditus would just turn a little, put their feet on the ground and hop off the side. Greiderick’s dismount was far less graceful. He tried to put his feet down like he had seen the others do. This sent Greiderick, cartwheeling through the room. After cartwheeling about twenty feet, he ended up in the arms of a girl about his age. Her name was Flos, or flower.

Flos had caught Greiderick, grabbing his head and pulling it to her chest to keep him from falling. Greiderick was embarrassed about his dismount. He was more embarrassed when he realized his face was in Flos’s cleavage. “I’m so sorry,” said an embarrassed Greiderick.  “Nice catch Flos”, joked a couple of the Perditus.  “Hey Flos, are you going to keep him”, joked another Perditus. There were about 30 Perditus in the room. One by one, they all shook Greidericks’s hand and welcomed him.

There were several tables with chairs in the room. A long table at the end was full of food. The walls were covered with weapons of all types. The Perditus were slowly making their way back to their seats. Tempestas Guided Greiderick over to the table with food. Greiderick had never seen so much food. He wasn’t allowed in the kitchen or dining hall where he used to live. He didn’t know where to begin. Flos, sensing this, came over and started to pile food on a wooden tray for Greiderick. The rest of his life was just beginning.


          *          *          *          *          *          *

I saw an American Flag with the silhouette of Trump’s head covering a large part. You stupid mother fuckers wouldn’t know disrespect for the flag, if it came with a sticker for your truck. Fuck you and fuck trump. It will take years to repair just some of the damage done while you (not fucking smarter than 5th graders) were in charge.

You blamed President Obama for some of the dumbest shit, while none of it was true. You see us driving around with a god damn Biden flag? Fuck no. Its looks ridiculous. I don’t know any veterans that take part in that horse shit! Oh and I came up with a new logo for Republican politicians. Enjoy. 








I blogged a few weeks ago, that we would probably have to shut down for the holidays. I really hate being right so much. I understand the worry about the economy. But without the people, the economy doesn’t mean much.

That fucking fourth grader, the bird sanctuary patriots elected to be president, has somehow made his base dumber, making them think the virus is no big deal. It’s a big deal. It’s a big fucking deal. The sooner we wrap our heads around reality, the sooner we can plan for a better future.



I caught a little Muncie DJ wisdom today. I guess someone was suggesting that people wear masks at Thanksgiving get togethers. He rightly pointed out, “you can’t tell people what to do in their home” or something like that. Actually, what they are doing is making suggestions to the smarter people. There will be many simpletons who will refuse to wear the masks. They will spread the virus to their kids, grandkids, grandparents, and what not. Innocent healthcare workers will also pay for the ignorance of those assholes.

Its gutless. Its cowardly. Cuts in education, and foreign owned fox entertainment, have sown the seeds of ignorance. They now have a bumper crop that they can’t control. They are so broken; it may be dangerous to get them to start learning the truth about some things. All, so a few white people, won’t be a-scared about becoming a minority. Because many of those same assholes, don’t want to be treated the way those assholes treated others.

There is nothing wrong with freedom of speech and freedom of the press. With that freedom, comes the freedom to point out where others are lying.



I heard the Indiana Governor say, “we probably need to wear the masks another month.” Yea, everything should be ok in another month. There is one hell of a gas leak somewhere in this country.  We need to elect smarter leaders than this. If you are one of those people who are waiting for things to get “back to normal”, you either have been misled by ignorant politicians, or you can’t see the obvious. Or both.


There are no homeless people on a civilized world.  

There are no starving people on a civilized world.

Everyone has healthcare on a civilized world.

One group does not hold another down, or back, on a civilized world.

No one looks down on others, on a civilized world.

No one must sell their body to eat or any reason on a civilized world.

There is no need to fight people who follow a different deity, on a civilized world.

There is no need to elevate yourself over others, on a civilized world.

Three allies from the last “World War”, are now the biggest adversaries on the planet. How Pitiful? How miserable? How materialistic?

Life is apparently a giant pyramid scheme. There is nothing civilized about the progress of the Human Animal. I give it a D-.


Another EIGHT percent cut to therapy for people living in nursing homes. Many of those people worked their whole life, to make others rich. Now, those others abandon them by electing greedy pricks.

Please rise for the national anthem…lol.


Today is one of our daughters eighth days in a row that she has worked at the nursing home. Most of those days were 16.5 hour days. Most of those days were on the Covid hall. She must work extra while others, many of them trumpsters, are too lazy or too scared to work. Making America great takes getting off your fat ass and helping!!!!


Remember when Hillary wouldn’t concede the election, even though she had millions more votes than heelspurs? Perspective people. Get some if you don’t have any. Pass some on if you do.


Two Faced Mother Fuckers

What is a two-faced mother fucker? The republican party is often a great example. For example, in Detroit trump supporters were chanting, “stop the count” because he was ahead. In Arizona, they were chanting, “count the votes” because he was behind.

Ladies and gentleman, that is an outstanding example of Two Faced Mother Fuckers!


I caught a sliver of a conversation at the Dollar General a little while ago. Thank god it was only a sliver. They were talking about people pulling their children away from Biden so he wouldn’t sniff their hair. I am sure they are ok with trumps double fucking digit number of sexual accusations though. Holy shit, this is ignorance that is too great to be measured. Its irony that could swallow Jupiter and still have room for trumps big fat mouth. As much as I want us to come together, there seems to be millions of people that need to be reprogrammed. How fucking sad is it that fox has been poisoning the weaker minds for so long? I will take Biden’s hair sniffing over trumps raping of girls any fucking day!


I will be sending a letter to Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez asking her not to quit. Apparently, the dumber democrats are blaming them for not keeping/taking more of the house. Fuck that shit!!!  We need to get our heads out of our ass’s and do some fucking evolving and growing the fuck up! Please, don’t quit!!!!



“But Obama did it.”

How many times did you hear that about immigrant kids being held in cages? First, let me say wrong is wrong. It doesn’t matter who did it before. If Hilary deleted e-mails, she was wrong. When the George W administration deleted 22 MILLION e-mails. They were also wrong.

But this, like all things needs perspective. My understanding is that while President Obama was in office, there were a handful of times when a child was unaccompanied by an adult. Those children were held until suitable arrangements could be made. That is nothing like what president* heelspurs is doing.

The United States has been stealing children, sending the adults back to their country, and storing the stolen children at a cost of $750 dollars per day. There have been reports that some of the children have been adopted out. The people responsible for this need to be imprisoned!

 Now some of the dumber people will say that they are trying to protect the children of from human trafficking.  That is indeed a noble cause, but not at all what is going on. There are NUMEROUS reports that many of these children have been abused in the makeshift concentration camps they are being stored in.

This information is not a secret. This can all be verified. None of it is anything to be proud of. This is shameful fucking behavior. Heads need to fucking roll for this.


No matter who gets elected, to any post, they should be helped AND watched, or we deserve whatever shit bag of a government we end up with. Being an American does not end with standing for the fucking anthem or putting a little flag sticker on your vehicle!


This quote is Out Fucking Standing!!!!

"Some Republicans "not questioning" mail-in ballots in states they won, Amy Klobuchar says."

Perspective people. Get some, and hand that shit out!!!



As Mayor of Pluto, I hereby claim to recognize Joe Biden as the next President Of These United states!

Effective 11/6/2020 at 05:00 AM

More coming on immigration!

All Earthlings lack perspective in certain areas. Some of that is because they have been misled by the masters, or the 1% of the 1%. I will continue to try to add some perspective for those who need it. The president* and crew, used the hate, some Americans have for immigrants, to get elected. He boasted building a wall, that Mexico, a poorer country than ours, was going to pay for. First, let me say how fucking stupid of an idea is that? No, Mexico was never under any circumstances going to pay for that dumbass wall. Since then I have had people tell me that Mexico IS paying for the wall.  We are importing more from Mexico than we are exporting to them. They are not paying for the wall.

The messiah trump was going to save us from the horrible menace of workers traveling into our country to pick food for our American fat asses.  A 30 billion dollars wall was going to fix that problem. We could have sent them all to college for that, and still saved money. Immigrants used to have a legal way to come here and apply for asylum. They were given a court date, and the majority showed up for that court date. For years statistics have showed that immigrants, both legal and illegal are less likely to be involved in crime than others. Yes, you have probably heard otherwise. You heard horse shit. Clean it out and move on.

One last note, that I will be repeating again and again. Hitler also called the press fake. He villainized certain people, (Hitler = Jewish People) (trump = anyone not white or republican). When republicans make cuts to education, this is why. They want the herd dumbed down. So we can repeat history again and again, for the benefit of a few already over benefitted people.


I Hereby claim the celestial body formally know as the planet Pluto. I herby reinstate the title “Planet”.

Hereby and what not, and soforth. All rights reserved. By the power the milk people have given me. Live long and procrastinate.


This is the fucking Emoluments clause from the fucking Constitution. The president is NOT supposed to make money from his office as president! Even our slave raping forefathers knew that!

“No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State.”

Maybe some of you dumber mother fuckers could catch up on what is going on in the world?


The fact that the election is this close, is proof of how fucked up this country is. Republican voters have no idea what the Emoluments clause is, what it means, or why it exists. Thinking is just too hard for too many Americans. How fucking sad is that?



Well the right-wing Muncie radio stations were doing their part to keep the herd dumb. On one, they mentioned that place that always votes Early. I guess they voted for Biden, because they said they voted for Hillary last time, but that didn’t help her win!  Holy shit is that a zinger or what? On another one of their stations, Brian has listeners vote on a song. Today they picked Ted Nugent. What better person to represent us, than a guy who shit his pants so he wouldn’t have to serve in Vietnam. Of course trump claimed he had heelspurs to win his FIFTH FUCKING DEFERMENT!  You people are probably too busy standing for the anthem to fucking no what a deferment is. Keep voting against your and everyone else’s best interests. Republican politicians keep dumbing down that herd so they will continue to do just that!



I just saw a headline, “Stocks zoom higher as Wall Street predicts Joe Biden will win”. Now Wall Street is not known for its wisdom. But it appears, reality is starting to seep in. Joe is far from the best candidate. But not as far as president* heelspurs!


Bed Bugs and Broomsticks Episode 6

Greiderick had never been so tired in his short life. He thought about his parents every now and then, and tears would come to his eyes. But after experiencing the wonders of the outside, he thought this is a much better way of life for him. He heard some strange noises in the woods up front. Fatum and Tempestas both made similar yet unique sounds, like they were answering someone. Several Perditus seemingly appeared from nowhere. Almost as if they were falling from the trees.

They appeared to be communicating through a series of bird noises, clicks made by the tongue, and whistles. The tiny group started off through the brush. Vindicta made sure Greiderick didn’t get lost, as they brought up the rear. They came up to a rocky side of a small hill. The rocky face of the closest side went up about 200 feet. Straight up. Greiderick wondered where they were going from here. They were going in. First down, then over, then up. Through a short and highly guarded secret entrance, into the hill. It was a very tight passageway. No large force was ever going to pass through it. Neither was an uninvited smaller force.

The hallways were narrow. Every couple hundred feet, there was an opening in the ceiling. A huge rock was positioned so that it could be dropped to block the way, if any unwanted house guests showed up. It was fairly dark, but that wasn’t a problem for Greiderick. He was used to the dark. They came upon an opening in the wall. The Perditus started disappearing into the hole, one by one. Fatum told Greiderick, “it’s a bit of a slide, no worries.” Greiderick nodded his head like he knew what she said, he did not but entered the hole anyways. Down he went, with a loud shriek.


Now here this!

What a shit show!

That is all!


www.MuncieRadioBlows.com    Last night I heard on the local radio that their news was “factual”. In my 59 years I have learned that if someone’s news is factual, they don’t have to tell you that it is factual. You played a clip of a republican politician, claiming that “if trump was reelected, Hoosiers would not have to worry about preexisting insurance protection being taken away”. REPUBLICANS are the ONLY ones that have ever tried to take it away. Tell the fucking truth!  Stop misleading the simple ones!


Has anyone else noticed how fucking bright headlights on new vehicles are now a days? Then, when the oncoming vehicle goes up or down with the contour of the road, the brightness intensifies and its like a spotlight to your macula. But what can you do? That’s the way they come now. Right? Our specie sucks on so many levels, it’s often hard to know where to begin. The lights are too fucking bright people. They will eventually be causing accidents, if they haven’t Already.

Also, why the hell do some pick up trucks need four fucking headlights? I have less than one good working eye, yet two headlights seem fine. Motorcycles, I get it. You want to be seen. Guess what? If you blind on coming traffic with lights that are too fucking bright, they may see you all too well when they swerve in front of you because they are blinded.  

Our youngest daughter just finished working five 16.5 hours shift on the covid hall. What have you trumpsters been doing for the common good? Put up or shut up people. The time for words and no actions is far behind us. Time to put our big person pants on, and make this country and this planet, the best it can be. 


www.MuncieRadioBlows.com  They have these recordings, that they play pretty often between songs. It’s a female, saying mostly witless things. I was told one of them went something like this, “when you’re having your pandemic party, make sure you have it on 104.9. At least until the authorities break it up.”  Now I have a very dry sense of humor. If you have read my stuff, you already know that. That being said, treating 19 like a fucking joke is irresponsible. It reinforces bullshit that the president has been spewing. It is harmful to us all. Its not patriotic in any fucking way!

So, an 8-year-old girl in Indiana got shot in the head by a stray bullet, while she was doing her homework. This kind of touches on what I was just talking about. When people have jobs and homes and food, they are less likely to act this way. Old white men have created this problem here in the United States. After all, that is who has been in charge the most. Yet our two candidates are, you guessed it, OLD WHITE MEN. How cowardly is that? How pathetic and sad?

Now clearly one is better than the other, but not nearly different enough to get the change we need. The longer we let the super-rich screw us all, the longer they will keep doing it. They should really teach this shit somewhere. Like demand creates jobs, not billionaires. That it is not ok to pay men more than women, simply because men have dicks.  That it is not ok to keep poor minorities down, “thinking” we can do that forever. These are dead end roads. They are NOT sustainable models and they are NOT civilized in any way.


There is nothing patriotic about bullying. At least not to me. I had a relative who sucked at the teat of government aid. Yet he bitched and moaned about minorities getting that same aid. He was white so in his tiny mind, he was entitled to that help. I have said for years now, “today’s level of greed is not a sustainable model”. It’s a pretty simple problem for some to understand. Solving it is much harder, not because we lack the resources, but because so many lack the common fucking sense they need to understand the problem.

For some perspective, let’s say human civilization is represented by 10 people on an island. One person gets 90% of the wealth. 2 people each get 4% of the wealth. The other 7 people get to share 2% of the wealth. Now those richest 3 people will tell the other seven that the 3 earned that money. Of course, they needed the other 7 people to do much of the work. What wealth they have that they didn’t inherit is often produced on the backs of others.

Now I don’t have any kind of degree. But I know a pile of shit when I see one, and even if I step in it, I will try to warn others about it.  We are all in this together. We must work together, or we will surely fail. Just look at the second amendment people. They are terrified that thugs will get their family and their stuff. Yet those thugs often exist, because they didn’t have the same opportunities as others did. Anyone out there getting any of this? Its kind of important. The less desperate the people are, the more content they will be to not come and steal your stupid ass shit! Sadly, the internet seems to have made the herd dumber, not more enlightened.



My Eric stories will probably not be in chronological order. They will probably be in the order they come to me. When our first daughter, Katie was born. Eric came to the hospital to be with us. We even took a few hits in the hospital bathroom…lol. Those WERE the days. 

Katie was born slightly premature. She weighed 4 pounds and 14 ounces if memory serves me correct. It sometimes does. For the first few days, she didn’t really cry. She kind of made these gentle bird noises. Because of lack of health insurance, I think Teresa and Katie spent less than 24 hours in the hospital. But it was too cool having Eric there to share in the experience.  10/27/2020

Both of our daughters are working the Covid hall today at the nursing home where they work. The one daughter picked up a shift so the other one wouldn’t have to work alone. Where the fuck are all these bird sanctuary patriots that want to make America great “again”? It takes work you fucking hairless chimps. NOT just words. Especially hollow words!



Bed Bugs and Broomsticks Episode 5

The group Greiderick was in, consisted of the two women, who had wrangled the drugged human trafficker, the human trafficker (Tied to a stretcher type object) that the two women carried. The woman with dark hair went by the name Tempestas, or The Storm.  The blonde-haired woman went by the name Fatum, or Fate. There was a young man who went by the title Vindicta, or Revenge. Vindicta never spoke. Greiderick would later find out that Vindicta’s tongue had been cut off.

Greiderick, was told it would take about two weeks, to get to the town that would become his new home. They would travel at night and rest during the day for the most part. Vindicta always took the lead. Every few hundred feet, Vindicta, would approach the group from one side or another. Every now and then, Vindicta would Communicate with Fatum  using hand jesters and a little grunting. Then he would wander off again to scout the path forward.

At one point during the first night, an animal could be heard screeching. Then there was silence.  Vindicta soon appeared holding a dead fox. He quickly attached the fox to the bottom of the stretcher, and they continued on.  They had not seen anyone or even heard another soul. There was only a sliver of a moon. After a while, the terrain started rising and falling, gently at first. Greiderick was used to walking a lot at night. His parents had given him a small broom, and he had been working alongside them for a couple of years now. But this walking had tired him out quite a bit. He loved his newfound freedom, but he was struggling physically.


Let’s welcome www.EricHenneman.com to my family of web domains. If his family ever wants the domain, I will give it to them.  I first met Eric, when he started working at Woolco, in Seminole Mall. I was putting together a display. I started going bald as an early teen, so he thought I was much older. I used to always harass him about stealing my job. There was an opening in the furniture and electronics department. His next-door neighbor was one of the managers, so he got the job.    The truth is, he was much better suited for the job. I am clearly not a people person, at least when it comes to that kind of setting.

From here, I also Met George, the soon to be lawyer. There were Paul and Brian, who later became  DR’s. There were probably others that will come to me. Eric was my best friend from then on, at least until I got married. He was then my second-best friend.  I had planned on playing board games with Eric and beating him at them for many more years.  We named our oldest son after him.


Well shit. My friend is gone. Just like that.  I am going to set up a page soon, with stories of our shenanigans. My mind has gone into safe mode. My icons are huge. All systems have slowed. This fucking sucks! I must claw my way out of the bottom of the swoop. Climb my way back up to the top, where life is worth living. This is bullshit!


Bed Bugs and Broomsticks Episode 4

The people in the kitchen were also in on this plan win to their freedom. They were all basically slaves. They had all been abused and wanted out. One way or another, after all, what was death to someone who had no life? The food that was delivered to the guards had been poisoned with a medication that would help them rest.  Over the years, a few souls had escaped this place. Many of them had stumbled on to one another while living in the shadows. They learned to fight by practicing with each other daily. They had learned to steal in order to live. They were called the Perditus, or The Lost Ones.

The Perditus were waiting for a signal. A signal that would tell them the guards were asleep. When they got the signal, they entered the compound. Two of the Berditus changed clothes with the guards, taking their place at the front gate. That way any visitors that came by wouldn’t think anything out of the ordinary.

The gang of Perditus would be traveling on foot as to not leave much of a trail. But they did let all the horses go. Letting them go two at a time, they all kind of rode off in different directions. Gold and gems could attract too much attention. They took silver, and copper pieces. They up graded some of their weapons but took nothing too fancy. The man was strapped to a stretcher. His hat and coat were left at the scene in hopes it might incriminate him.

The main gate was closed after most of them got out. The Perditus blocked the gate from the inside so it wouldn’t be easily opened. The guards were given some more medication, so they would be out for some time. The rest of the Perditus, then lowered them selves over the wall with a rope, then threw the rope over the wall. They formed into two groups, said their goodbyes, hoping to see each other soon. However long that might be.


And here I thought I was out of tears. I was wrong. So very wrong.


Well that was a real kick in the head. And this head has been kicked plenty through the years. I still have some housekeeping to do on the web site. I will set up the MuncieRadioBlows page. We shall see how the day progresses.  If you have a problem with alcohol, please get help. Smoke weed instead. If you know someone who has a problem with alcohol, please try to help them.


The last time I talked to one of my oldest friends, I told him things that trump had done. To each thing, Eric answered that he hadn’t known that had happened. Eric is gone now but I will always cherish the times we had Herm. R.I.P. Buddy.


I am moving some of this to a new page this weekend. Pardon my dust...:)

Please welcome www.MuncieRadioBlows.com (I will add a page later)  The music isn’t bad, but they cater to the right. The other day they had a recording of a politician saying that if trump gets elected, you won’t have to worry about pre existing conditions. Well republicans are the ONLY ones who ever tried to take away those protections. So, trying to sound like the republicans are our savior is absolutely being a TwoFacedMotherFuckers and I will be adding this to that page. Leading the simple off the cliff is in no way patriotic! 


Bed Bugs and Broomsticks Episode 3

They passed door after door. All manner of noises were coming from these rooms, Greiderick thought. They entered a room that the old man called a parlor. “Help your self to refreshments my lord”, said the old man. The man shoved the old man towards the door and replied, “Oh I will”.  He gave Greiderick a shove towards a wall and said, “stand over there until I need something”. “Yes, my Lord”, replied a quite confused Greiderick. There were platters of food on the table. The man kind of ate like a pig. He drank like one also, thought Greiderick. He had drunk about 4 goblets’, before he started to walk and talk funny. He looked angry, but he was far less scary in this condition.

Just then the door opened. Two young women and a young man came in. The man, or teen was the face Greiderick had seen the dark. He used to live in the castle in the big room with Greiderick and his family.  The man tried to hit the teen, but the man just swung around instead and fell on the floor. The women each grabbed one of the man’s arms. The man was quite angry, but with all the slurring and drooling he was doing, it was kind of hard to make out what he was trying to say.  The teen grabbed the man’s feet and tied them together.  

“You sold us into slavery”, one of the women said. We are going to return the favor. “We know some old smelly rich widows, that need a sex slave. You are kind if ugly, but they won’t mind,” she said.  “The man was really angry now”, a look of redemption was on the face of all three former captives. The teen then looked at Greidierick and said, “Your parents helped with this little operation. You most likely can never see them again. We all must leave. We need to split up as much as possible. We know a barber several towns over that needs an apprentice, if you are interested.”  Greidierick was.


I was in a someone else’s vehicle this morning and caught a small amount of the “local” news. They played a clip of a republican politician saying, ‘if trump is elected for four more years, you won’t have to worry about having pre-existing conditions”. Are you fucking kidding me???? The republicans are the ONLY ones that ever tried to take that protection away! Now they are going to claim to be our saviors. Fucking two faced mother fuckers to be sure.

Now if you are not old enough or smart enough to remember just a few years ago, then I must agree with last nights statement. We are screwed. One third of us have been damaged so severely, that there may be no hope for them.

The local radio company in Muncie has clearly taken the wrong side of things. They are purposely misleading those who are easily led. No end can justify that means.

I went to you tube today without logging in. Holy shit is there a lot of brainwashing videos for hungry damaged enquiring minds. Come on deities! This fucking experiment of yours failed.


The “president” has asked HIS supreme court to block the release of his taxes. You know, the ones he promised to release after he got elected. Now smarter people know he doesn’t pay any taxes. Morons won’t see what’s wrong with that. How patriotic. This country might never be able to heal as one third of its citizens are too fucking stupid.


Bed Bugs and Broomsticks   Episode 2

Greiderick and the man went down hall after hall. Greiderick knew them all. Or at least he thought he did. The man went through a door Greiderick had not been though before. They were outside. The air was cool and clean. He had felt fresh air before in the castle, in the halls that had windows. But it was never enough to overpower the castle smell. It was his ninth birthday. Not that he knew that, or that it had ever been celebrated. 

It was nighttime, fortunately. Greiderick had only seen dim castle light. He would be blind in the daylight. There were a few lights here and there. But they were walking away from them. It was almost totally dark, where they were headed. The man seemed to know where he was going. Greiderick thought about his parents. He was in a state of shock, a sensory overload. After walking what seemed like forever, they saw some lights a short distance away.

It was a much smaller castle like building. The guards didn’t wear uniforms. They seemed to know the man and didn’t pay that much attention to us. The stone wall around the compound was two feet thick and roughly ten feet tall. We walked past a big double door in the front of the building.  I could hear music and laughing from inside. We came up to a much smaller door. The man knocked in what I thought was a strange way. I later learned that it was a code.

The door opened a few inches with a chain keeping shut most of the way.  From inside, an old man looked at the man with a hint of disgust. He then looked down at me, and slowly opened the door. After closing the door, we followed the old man down a fairly dark hall. The man pushed and kicked the old man, then laughed. At one point I thought I saw a face off in the dark. It looked familiar. 


You people who don't believe in the virus, need to seek out others that don't believe in the virus. Then, you need to get together EVERY day. If you don't, then you are closet virus believers. So get together every day. Don't wear masks, and pass around bottles of freedom whiskey to drink. Oh and if by some chance you do get the virus you don't believe in, stay home and deal with it. Medical workers shouldn't have to be exposed to your ignorance. 


If you search for former Secretaries of State for the United States, the government site does not have Michael Flynn. He was the Secretary of State for the United States from January 22, 2017 to February 13, 2017. Why is this important? Well he should be in jail. He lied on hos security clearance paperwork and he was still working for the country of Turkey, while he was “our” Secretary of State. Demand that those in power be honest. We deserve honesty!


Now here this. This is not your parent’s virus. I understand that it is hard for many to grasp that. But grasp it or not, the reality is the same. Because some people, couldn’t adult up to what needed to be done before, the holidays will now be screwed. At least as far as travel, jobs, large parties, you know, (back to fucking normal). We are NOT going back to what many of you consider “normal”.  



I have abandoned the republican survey. If you can’t see their two faces by now, you are too far gone. I would like to now present to you, the grand beginning of, Bed Bugs and BroomSticks.  Enjoy.

Bed Bugs and BroomSticks

Greiderick Was born, a poor white child. The year was 1869. Spring was just around the corner. But there was no color in Greiderick’s life. Every photo from back then clearly shows black and white and gray. Or is it grey? It’s both, now let’s move on. His parents were indentured servants for the Mayor of Bavaria. Their duties were to sweep the castle halls at night. Making sure no bed bugs were moving around.

Greiderick was strapped to his mothers back. She was usually bent over sweeping, so he mostly watched as the ceiling slowly moved by. 12 hours every night, they swept. Kicking up dust but keeping the halls free of vermin. During the day, his parents shared a room in the basement, where 25 other people slept. Though some of the 25 slept at night, making the cramped quarters a little more sufferable. 

Greiderick had never seen outside the castle. He had no reason to dislike his position in life. Night after night, he would lay there, rocking on his mother’s back, kind of like a boat on a lake, slowly rocking with the rhythm of the sweeping brooms.

 There were not any older children living in the room they shared. He thought he had remembered some but couldn’t make out what their faces had looked like. After a few years, Greiderick was too big to ride on his mothers back. One day a man came to see Greiderick, while his parents were not in the room. The few adults that were in the room, turned their faces away from the man. It even seemed like some of the mothers were crying. This seemed to make the man happy. He took Greiderick by the scruff of the neck, and left. 



“In Joe Biden’s America, we will all be in danger.”

That is a line, from a political add on YouTube, selling ignorant fear to the last few poor souls broken enough to believe it.

The president has made our lives less safe in numerous ways. Other countries Intelligence Agencies are afraid to share anything with us because the president* can’t be trusted. He has fucked up trade, but good putting food and other things that are imported in limbo. He has alienated our allies and befriended the worst of the worst. Danger? We are already at the precipice of hell, Karen!

10/7/2020   12:12 

I must believe now that trumpsters, bought their own bullshit when President Obama was in office. They figured he was lying and cheating, so they can now support someone who lies and cheats more than anyone else. I belive they also thought we liberals would keep on being polite and being politically correct. That of course really means just having some fucking manners. But even that is too much work for a trumpster.  For the record, I am a progressive because incremental change fuckling sucks! If it takes more than 150 years for some white people to figure out that they are no more special than anyone else, we should stop pretending. That little American flag you have on the back of your vehicle doesn’t mean shit!  Standing for the anthem also doesn’t mean shit, when you are just pretending. “Justice for all” means JUST THAT! I have had trumpsters tell me that really means, “justice for Americans”, and only Americans. Yep, that’s how stupid some people are.


I find some things strange. For example, bitch mcconnel and his wife are rich. His wife’s family  is really rich. Yet he let the Russians, build a recycling plant in Kentucky. Why? Why not invest “your own money”? What did the bitch get out of that deal?  Smarter minds would like to know.

6:22 PM   10/5/2020

Adding this to the TwoFacedMotherFuckers page.

This is another perfect example of a two-faced mother fucker.

Former coal CEO Robert E. Murray, who fought federal regulations for making coal mining safer, has filed an application with the U.S. Department of Labor for black lung benefits. I guess trying to screw his workers out of safety standards didn’t pay enough after all?

Some of you will have no problem with this. You are called trumpsters or greeds and probably both in most cases. Cutting regulations was NEVER going to create jobs! It was only going to make rich people richer, make workers less safe, and consumers less safe also in the long run! Don’t they teach this shit somewhere???? 

This is what happens when you cut education to the bone. This is why republicans DO THAT! But sadly, many of you have had your education cut and your brains thoroughly washed. Forbes published a great study on how worldly and smart viewers of foreign owned fox entertainment were. I highly suggest you do a search for it, if you watch fox or know someone who does.


The president has blood on his hands. From a poor response to hurricanes in Puerto Rico, to misleading some of the American people about the seriousness of this virus.  His behavior has been callouse and without compassion. From stealing children at the border, to letting some of those children be adopted out to strangers. From adding to our country’s debt in a most cavaliere way, to trying to remove health insurance for those with pre-existing conditions. I stand by thoughts and prayers. It is more than he deserves.


Thoughts and prayers,

you dick!

Some republican politicians better find their fucking backbone soon, or there won’t be a country left for them to pretend to love.

The president, by not disavowing white supremacy, has given the lock and load order, to armed simpletons across that country. 10/1/2020

I had a couple bumper stickers made. The first one needs no explanation. “The virus is real the hoax is in the white house.”  The other one is this, “Jamming to CD’s   Muncie radio blows.”

Now I like some of the DJ’s. The music is ok. But they seem to want to play to the slowest in society. One DJ told me, “they make fun of both sides”. Well if both sides were still comparably close, that might be alright. But after embracing president dump, clearly the republican politicians sold what little soul they had left. Like many places in the South, here in Indiana, many people are led to vote against their best interest. Often in the name of patriotism.

I don’t personally know any veterans that support dump, a five-time deferment owner. I don’t know ANY veterans that put a big American flag in the back of their truck and drive around pretending. Why not instead, act like a decent human being? Why not help others with that effort? Like I have already said. It’s a façade. Its sadly all or mostly pretend.


This morning, on the local radio’s “news”, Senator Todd Young questioned what kind of judges Democrats and republicans would pick. Let me spell it out for you Todd! Democrats would pick judges that would not SHIT on people! You know, bully women in the name of your deity. Bully workers for the benefit of rich owners. ( We are in the process of replacing radios with cd players in the house.)

The republicans stole a fucking supreme court seat from President Obama. Then someone paid off Justice Kennedy’s gambling debts, so he would magically retire, Now, you are going to show your ass and steal another one? So, the American people are going to replace as many of you as we can. Then, we will sit as many new judges as we can, to repair the damage you cheating fucks have been getting away with. Got it?  GOOD!

9/30/2020 6:05AM


I watched about 1 minute of the debate. It was a good moment, because the moderator brought up something, I have been saying for TEN years. The gop have said on numerous occasions, they were going to repeal and replace the ACA. So where the fuck is the replacement? You haven’t had four years to come up with one, you have had TEN! What a sleazy bunch the gop are.

9/30/2020   2:46 AM

Fuck you!

Our youngest daughter has ben working a shit load of hours, up to  90 hours for some weeks. She is white, by the way. Today at the grocery store, she wore her “Black Lives Matter” sweatshirt. She bought hundreds of dollars of groceries. The purchase included steaks. The racist white women behind her in line gawked at the steaks she was purchasing. She must have assumed our daughter was using food stamps. She was not. You can’t qualify for them when you work 60 to 70 hours a week on average. Also, the steaks were for a birthday party. On the way out, another racist piece of shit asked to see her receipt. Of course, he didn’t ask to see anyone’s receipt who was in front of her. As she stood there for a moment, he didn’t fucking ask anyone else for their receipt either.

This is what people of color have been putting up with SINCE THEY WERE FREED. It is plainly obvious to them AND to smarter white people. Now personally, I don’t give a fuck who you are. I am cutting ties with anyone who can’t fucking evolve past this. I see no reason to forgive you, as you have had plenty of time to choose the correct side. President Obama needed a helicopter to get over the bar the gop set for him. Yet the gop were more than happy to bury that same bar so they could drag dumps fat ass over it.

People of color have been kept where they are for the most part. When one does do better, ignorant white people say, “see. It can be done.” Yea, by a few, you hairless apes. How sad and cowardly to keep people down, and then bitch about them.

Your stuff, that you mostly did not earn, won’t be worth shit if society crumbles. But you clearly don’t have the resources to understand the problem.


The president doesn’t pay any taxes! No shit! If this is news to you, you are a trumpster. That’s why presidential candidates showed their fucking taxes, you fucking morons! In the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”, Mr. Potter is a BAD GUY! NOT someone to look up to.  Oh but Hillary’s god damn emails…lol.  You bird sanctuary patriots have fucked us all BUT GOOD!


This was a title on youtube.  “How Ruth Bader Ginsberg interpreted the Constitution.”  So I answered this way, ”Thru the eyes of a person, and not an old white man”.

So Grande11245 left these replies. The first one was “bigot”.  Because of course there is no history of white men being bigots.

The second was this, “Thomas Wurster thinks only white men have been abusers Lol!! Doesn’t know that throughout the Middles East and Africa slavery still exists Lol!!!”

So, this was my first response.

@GRANDE11245 I have been paying attention.  Followed by,


These people are so one dimensional. Where did I say, “only white people are at fault”? I wasn’t talking about the Middles East”. I was talking about the US. You see any Middle East people making rules in the US? Better get back to your foreign owned fox entertainment for your news.”

I then started googling black massacres in different states. The first 5 states I searched, all had a black massacre.  It’s a real fucking problem for those who are NOT white. It never deserved to be joked about. It’s a dead-end road for any civilization, that wants to continue to exist.


In Muncie, Indiana, yesterday, what I can only assume is a trump voter, wasn’t paying attention while he was driving, ran into a stopped vehicle, pushing it into another vehicle, killing the driver. Last night, the asshole that killed someone, posted a picture of his FUCKING truck, with the words “RIP my baby is gone”.

  Now some of you might not appreciate that I am guessing he is a trump voter. But a trump voter is the only demographic that type of asshole can come from. Someone who cares more about their fucking truck, then the person they fucking killed because they were too fucking stupid to have ever had a driver’s license.  

Put your mother fucking phones down while you are driving, trump voters. How about giving a shit about someone other than yourself????? Oh, and your fucking truck! 


Just a thought---


I can see why the republicans couldn’t cut President Obama any slack, aside from the color of his skin, they were saving all the slack for president heelspurs. 

7:04 AM Edition - - -Good News!!!

Republican Senators say there will be a peaceful transition of power. But then they said they wouldn’t fucking shove another Supreme Court pick down our throats in dumps final year. So clearly the lying mother fuckers can’t be trusted. 

Good Morning

 I may have found a way to stop at least some email scammers. When I get one of those “we have money for you” e-mails. This is how I respond. “If this is a scam, may your whole family be cursed, forever!”


10:49 edition PM

If you had a chance to save a baby, would it matter what color it was? Would it matter what religion or the country of origin? If you said yes to either of those, I feel very sorry for you. It comes down to that. All living and breathing human life should equal the same value. What kind of deity would want its followers to think anything differently than that? Who would follow such a deity?

3:28 edition PM

So, the New England Patriots owner has been cleared of massage parlor charges. Why? Because he is both rich AND white. That is a super quinella to get out of trouble. Also, Kraft and the Patriots are no stranger when it comes to cheating. Now please rise for the national anthem while we sing about “land of the free.  

I just had to explain to someone on youtube how people of color were freed over 150 years ago, and the relationship between that and how people of color are treated today. THEY WERE NEVER REALLY TREATED LIKE THEY WERE FUCKING FREE!!!!!    Got it?????????


Late edition

So the fuher is refusing to commit to a peaceful transfer. IN THE UNITED FUCKING STATES!!!  Yet you pinheads are worried about people standing for the god damn anthem????   Are you completely fucking stupid and blind? Are you SO fucking white, that you can’t see reality? Any republicans that have an ounce of fucking honor better get their heads out of their ass and admit that this is NOT OK! 

My wife’s boss at her last job voted for dump because she wanted to pay less taxes. Being Republican, she was clueless to the fact that republicans are trying to cut as much from social programs as they can. Well, now there is far less work for therapists, so they are paying far less taxes. None of this shit is a secret folks. Democrats are far from perfect, but republicans have embraced ignorance like no others. It almost always falls back to greed and bullying. We have always had a hell of a lot of nerve calling this a civilization.

WE either find a way for most of us to work together, or all will perish.


For those who have just tuned in. I am often motivated by things that happened to me both as a child and as an adult. Ugly things that represent some of the worst of the human animal. Those are many of my reasons why I don’t like to see people bullied and taken advantage of, by the masters, the greeds and/or bullies. By the way I just coined that phrase. So, the masters are the 1% of the 1%. They own judges, and politicians, and media outlets, resources, you name it, they own it. We will say that the greeds are a sub specie of the masters. That probably isn’t the correct term but get over it.  Together, they conspire to bully all others in all ways. Preventing everyone from having health care is bullying. Restricting people from certain kinds of procedures in an attempt to appease your deity, is bullying. Cutting social programs, while rewarding the greeds and masters, is bullying. Creating laws that punish some, while easing up on others, is bullying. A great example would be marijuana being classified as a schedule one drug like cocaine and heroin. That isn’t just bullying, its asinine also. Keeping poor people in the dark, while you also screw them in several other ways, is, you got it. Bullying.  <   Poor areas in the South are perfect examples of that. 

Remember the caravans that were coming? They would always pop up when president dump had to motivate his minions. Fear people. Its what’s for dinner.


Late edition

When a women or girl gets raped, she has less and less options, the longer republicans are in charge. Why is that? Is the baby’s life worth so much more than the mothers? No. This is bullying by some gutless old men. Once that baby is born, they could give a shit less about it. They are more than happy to cut social programs, so they can give their rich friends more tax cuts they don’t fucking need. That’s the side you want to be on? Fuck that shit!

It"s quite clear which party Karen belongs to. Just saying…😊

So maybe two republican senators have the fucking courage to do what is right? Though Collins has lied before. If you can’t understand what is bad about what is going on with judges, I am 99.9% positive you are an old white male.  You are ignorant of the truth, or you hate your female relatives. Not to mention all other females and workers. There is NO other answer.   9/21/2020

President Nixon sold his business. President Carter sold his peanut farm. Trump sold America. 

I have made it a priority most of my life to never say, “I don’t care”. Its one of the worse things you can say to children, Ever. Well sadly that’s not me anymore. As a former 3rd generation firefighter, I have helped many people on the other side of the political spectrum. In the country, there were many people who “didn’t want anything from the government”. That all changed, each time they needed help. Here in Indiana I have had people tell me that the Middle East should be “wiped out”.  When I say, “the women and children also”?  They have responded, “the women are as bad as the men and the kids will grow up to be the same”.  Well sadly I now feel that way about dump supporters and their children. I will continue to help anyone I can. But I could care less now if they live. The women are as bad as the men, and the kids will grow up to be the same, sadly.

Are we “great again yet”? Of course, there was no time in our history where things were great for everyone. That is exactly what they want. They want America to be white again.


Late edition

You should probably start stocking up on bullets and peanut butter. It’s clear that one third of the United States isn’t fucking mature enough to live with others. Especially when the others are different from them.  You know, not white? You see many white people treated minorities like shit for years. Many other white people, just let it go on without saying anything. This old white man has been shooting his mouth off for years in defense of those very same groups of people.

So, these pathetic white people, now don’t want to be treated the way they treated minorities. How fucking sad is that? Then they are forgiven every Sunday. How convenient.


Do you see how I didn’t have to wait to see what those assholes were going to do? Did you hear president heelspurs?  Its very similar to how those of us who knew what kind of person trump was, knew exactly what kind of shitty president he would be. Its called knowledge. Republicans have little or no working knowledge of how things really work. But by all means stand for the fucking anthem. It means so much to homeless vets, you pretend patriot assholes!


So, I guess the two-faced mother fuckers in the republican party will now try to seat a new judge on the supreme court, after wrongly telling President Obama he couldn’t. His supporters are too fucking stupid to remember. They are too fucking stupid to know Judge Kennedy’s gambling debts were magically paid off right before he retired. Fuck you trump supporters.  Fuck the anthem and the flag that you have betrayed for your own benefit. Fuck you!

They absolutely need to do a REAL autopsy on RBG as the “right” can’t be trusted at all.


They absolutely need to do a REAL autopsy on RBG as the “right” can’t be trusted at all.


So, AG bar thinks having people stay home because of the virus, is the same as slavery. Because having to stay home is the same as getting raped why your white master. Now I will hopefully always help anyone who needs help. We ARE in this together. That being said, I don’t need friends who support such garbage as is in charge right now.

I never had a problem seeing the truth when it comes to race relations. I am white, but I am not THAT WHITE. Both of my parents were republicans, yet they were not the racists pieces of shit that too many republicans are today. Most people of color are not where they are because they are stupid or lazy. They are where they are because they were kept there by cowardly white people.

You seriously think that “civilization” could move forward down the same ignorant hateful road forever? It was never a sustainable model. Personally, I would rather civilization completely crumble, rather than watching “civilization” continue to bully people.

Please think and care. Be safe. 9/17/2020

This country needs some modality 

Robert Mueller is a Decorated Vietnam Veteran and a REPUBLICAN. The Mueller report produced 199 criminal charges, 37 indictments, And several people in jail or they would be if our legal system was not almost completely devoid of integrity. When I tell Republicans about the Mueller Report, they call me a liar. That is how fucking ignorant some Americans are. So now the gop is launching an investigation on Biden.  They had 4 fucking years you morons!

This is not a fucking football game. The two “sides” are on one fucking team you almost hairless apes! “We can continue to battle each other for greed and deities, or we can come together as a nation and as a specie to fight the upcoming battles with the weather. We could never have won the first one, and by now it may be too late to win the second one.”  Tww

Please think and care. Be safe. 9/16/2020


I have heard that the United states is performing Hysterectomy’s on women who are in ICE custody.  All I can say is that if it is true, some mother fucking heads better mother fucking roll for this and ALL the abuse immigrants have been put though, at the direction of “president" Heelspurs. If you don’t understand what is wrong with that, you should leave this site promptly. Go be stupid somewhere else!

If those kinds of acts represent a “Christian” nation, fuck that shit!

Please think and care. Be safe. 9/14/2025

I enjoyed the football game very much. For those who booed during the moment of silence, your shit is weak. You have no game. Please don’t pass those faulty genes on to any other creatures. Turn in your game piece. Return your rental shoes. Throw your wallet into the collection plate. Get some new tennis shoes, twenty dollars in change, and climb a fucking mountain so you can leave the rest of us alone.

Please think and care. Be safe. 9/11/2020

Late Edition.

So about 9:30 the night before, we heard a loud explosion like noise. Then darkness. Vehicles have hit poles before, but there were no sirens. This wasn’t a vehicle accident. Like so many of us older people and things, something just wore out. Tired from the undue burden it carried every day.

Now an adult family member was working on an assignment for school. It was due at noon the next day. The bitch of a “professor” who was her teacher, could only say, “its due by noon”. Now I have heard college teachers before explaining that if there are extenuating circumstances, they will allow a late submission. But not professor hardass. A zero was given.

I have mentioned the tiny church across the street from our place in the past. The next day, trucks started arriving, A shitload of trucks for our tiny street. Some of them had parked in the church parking lot. But it was Wednesday, and even though only 5 or 6 cars would show up for “bible study” anyways, the church members ordered the workers to remove all the vehicle from their parking lot, and sweep the fucking little bit of sand and dirt that was left behind by those vehicles.

At that point I went out and told the workers, “you can park whatever you want over here. How ridiculous”! Its not like their Jesus helped others or anything. They are some sorry ass “Christians”. And even though I can guarantee most if not all of those workers were Republican, I stood up for them. We should be standing up for each other. Not just those who are “like” us. The power was restored about 6:15 that evening. 15 minutes before they said it would be back on.

Later, one of our dogs got loose because one of the gates was open for the utility work. Three of the workers brought him back. I thanked them for that and for restoring our power. Whether or not any of us want to believe it, we are all in this together.   

7:50     40 minutes before game time. Fucking A!

Now here this!

I will soon be enjoying the NFL. I will be kneeling right along with the players. This veteran understands why they are kneeling. This old white man understands why they are kneeling. Do you?

Please care and think. Be safe. 9/10/2020

Before I address the lack of electricity, let me say this. If you do not understand why People of Color are kneeling, you are absolutely part of the problem. You have chosen to turn away. You chose to be on the wrong side of this issue. You most likely chose this, so you can continue to justify your racism, in your mind. You are NOT better because you are white. The fact that you think that, makes you not even as good as you could be. How very sad for you, and for the world.  11:56

The power was off on our street for almost 24 hours. Colorfull stories coming shortly.

Please think and care. Be safe. 9/9/2020

Today we celebrate the workers. The workers who mostly have made a few people rich. Once again, I implore you to realize that Mr. Potter in the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”, IS A BAD GUY!!!!  He is NOT someone to look up to. No one gets where they are on their own. We all stand on the shoulders of those before us. Biden is far from perfect, but trump has done more damage than all the previous presidents put together. Anytime a politician gets elected we should help them AND watch them. Or we deserve the shitbag we have now.

Happy Labor Day.

I miss the Jerry Lewis Telethon.

Please think and care. Be safe. 9/7/2020

People I have known for years have turned out to be racists. Now I see that there were signs, but I ignored them. Don't get me wrong. " I am white, but I am not THAT white".  tww

If we don’t end racism,

Racism will end us!

Please think AND care. Be safe. 9/3/2020

I had two uncles who were in the US military at the end of World War ll. They both were in units that were liberating concentration camps. My father was in the Navy, one of my brothers was also. My other brother and myself were in the Army. None of us served, so people would be forced to stand for a fucking song. NO veteran I know served for that purpose.

If you voted for trump, you fucked us but good. All the standing in the world could never fix that.

I wish you well.

Please think and care. Be safe. 9/2/2020

The president compared police who shoot people to golfers who choke. What a fucking idiot. The police have or SHOULD have very specific rules on when they can use deadly force. A suspect being unarmed and black should NOT be one of those rules!!!The police work for US or at least they are supposed to. What a shithole we have become.

Please think and care. Be safe. 9/1/2020

Hey Tucker Carlson, FUCK YOU! Shooting people, is NOT maintaining order, you putz! How the fuck is ANYONE still sponsoring your dribble?

Please think and care. Be safe. 8/28/2020

I was talking recently about how so much of life is a façade. This is a great example. The little church across the street makes sure that their church looks nice. They are very picky about how the grass is cut and so forth. Yet this is their mail box, which is on our street. A street with mostly rentals. They don’t seem to give a fuck about this. Its all fake people. Sadly.





Please think and care. Be safe. 8/27/2020

The circus came to town last night. The clowns performed by spinning wild stories for their minions. The speakers were the worst of the paper hat club. Selling fear, while ignoring the destruction, done by the current occupant of the white house. If you support president dementia, but have never heard of the trump foundation, congratulations. Seemingly NONE of his supporters have any idea what kind of person he is.    When confronted with something he did wrong that they can’t explain away, they just point to someone else who did something wrong. Hopefully they aren’t passing that ignorance on to another generation.

Please think and care. Be safe. 8/25/2020

On this, the 23rd day, of the 8th month, of the year 2020, of someone else’s lord, The Church of the Sarcastic Druid, is born.


More to follow…😊

We are all getting screwed by the same people. The super-rich. I like to call them the “masters”. The 1% of the 1%. They own politicians and judges and resources and the MEDIA, and WE let them! Remember hearing that we “need the rich to create jobs? Its horse shit. Demand creates jobs, not rich people.

Our enemies both internal and abroad benefit when we are divided. Electing Biden will hopefully be a step in the correct direction. Trump will only do more damage.

Please think and care. Be safe. 8/19/2020

The enemies of the United States benefit when Americans are fighting against each other. Pay attention to who likes to divide us. Have a safe weekend.

Please care. Be safe. 8/14/2020

It’s all a facade folks. Or probably everything but Love, sometimes.  My family and I left upstate New York when I was about 10. I lived in Florida until I was 18 and enlisted in the Army. I went to public school in Florida. Yet I don’t remember ever being taught about the Rosewood Massacre. A massacre of anywhere from 27  to 150 people of color. In Florida! Why? Because sorry ass poor white people were jealous.

A similar incident happened in Tulsa Oklahoma. Thirty-five FUCKING blocks were destroyed by sorry ass, cowardly white people. Why weren’t we taught about this? Are white people embarrassed by this? They fucking should be if they have to hide the truth. You are worried about a few people kneeling? How the fuck would you like to be scared every time you see a police officer? NOT because you are guilty of anything, but because you are black?  Shove the flag and the anthem up your ass, if you think we should continue down the same path of ignorance and hate!

Please care. Be safe. 8/12/2020

President* Heelspurs says he might accept the gop nomination at “great battlefield at Gettysburg”.  Canada would be a more appropriate place for the cowardly ass hat.

We suck.

Please care. Be safe, 8/10/2020

So, I mentioned how the local Sherriff where I live, Delaware County Indiana, didn’t want to respond to “mask” calls. Though this is despicable, it pales compared to a Nevada sheriff. A library there wanted to back BLM. The sheriff said he wouldn’t respond to 911 calls there.

Sheriff Daniel Coverley in Douglas County Nevada is the slimy asshole. I wanted to go to Las Vegas again in the future. Fuck it. I will spend my money in a less hateful state. If I can find one.

Thoughts and prayers to Herman Cain’s family. He tweeted from a trump rally, the “people are fed up”.  They aren’t fed up, they're stupid as hell!

Please care. Be safe. 7/30/2020

If I get this virus and die, I will come back and haunt EVERY one of you stupid mother fuckers that were too lazy or too stupid to wear a mask. At least those who are still alive!

Please care. Be safe. 7/30/2020

I need a few days off. Holy shit are we screwed. The stupid is stronger than ever.

Please care. Be safe. 7/28/2020

Stop the presses!  Extra!  Extra!

The Sherriff in the county I live in announced that even if the new mask law did make it punishable, he would not enforce the law. Now the law was NOT written that way, so for the Sherriff to pre-announce that he will enforce what laws he wants to, is the most irresponsible thing I have ever witnessed a police officer do. Though I have watched several videos where the police were clearly acting worse.

Right now, there is a county in Texas sending people home to die, because they can NOT help them because there are so many patients. A five-year-old boy died there today because ignorant morons suck at the teat of foreign owned fox! I know for a fact that Military Police taught VERY specific rules about when deadly force could be used. Yet in this state, they pass laws to protect the police, NOT the people. As a third generation firefighter, we never got so scared on scene, that we thought violence was the answer.

Today someone told me that the virus can be cured in 24 hours. THAT is how fucking stupid some people are. We are really screwed!

Conservatism is next.

“Commitment to traditional value and ideas with opposition to change or innovation”

That’s what the internet said it means. So how well does the press do in regard to reporting on republicans being conservative?

Well they have reported how president dementia has kept money from the military, to build an asinine wall. Republicans are supposed to be all about security. The press has shown this to be a lie. Republicans are supposed to be conservative with money. Yet we will be paying for Reagans, Bush W’s, and dump’s tax cuts to the rich for a long time. President Obama inherited an economy that was a steaming pile of trump. Whereas the current occupant of the white house, inherited an economy that was chugging along quite nicely.

The press has shown numerous times, how republicans are two faced when it comes to their beliefs. I believe the press has shown quite well, the republicans unwilling ness or their inability to change, or to understand why it is necessary. Republicans seem quite willing to let pregnant Russian women come here and give birth, but no way can those hard-working South American’s come here. The press seems fine. The republicans seem pretty out of whack though.

On a different note, I had a trumpster tell me today that the covid can be cured in 24 hours and no one has to die from it. Yea, they are that fricking out of touch with reality. Have a great weekend.

Please care. Be safe. 7/24/2020

Individual liberty is next on the survey.

I had to stop laughing before I could write this. First of all, WHO’S liberty? I have actually had people tell me that “justice for all” only means justice for Americans. How broken is your brain if you “think” that? We are stealing children, sending the adults back, and storing the stolen children for $750 a day. What about single women who need an abortion, thanks to some guy? What about people who live along the border and are having their land stolen for a stupid ass wall for Americans to hide behind? What about those in nursing homes who are losing the therapy they were getting because those in power don’t give a shit about them?

The republicans use words like patriot, and liberty, and freedom to attract those who have little understanding of those very words! I try never to use any business that uses those pathetic, misused trigger words. I don’t have anything against the second amendment. But to think that our slave raping forefathers could give us the right to own weapons that weren’t even invented yet, is well somewhat trumpish.

No one with a functioning brain would ever think that private prison and individual liberty could ever co-exist. Encouraging the police to NOT protect and serve the masses, but rather serve the rich, can also NOT co-exist with individual liberty. Giving tax cuts to the wealthy while screwing the working man can NOT co-exist with individual liberty. More often than not, those who say ”do some research” have apparently never done any on their own.

Please care. Be safe. 7/23/2020

On a diferent note, My Social Security Disability had been denied, so I went before a judge. But first, two other people went before him. They spent less than 25 minutes TOTAL! Their attorney, both had the same attorney but different than mine, told them they had won their case. Yet I was grilled for an hour and 15 minutes, and he ruled against me. Maybe if I had appointed the Attorney General, I could have won!

The next part of the question from the survey is:

Religion: I am going to go out on a limb and say, the media could do a much better job of showing what two-faced hypocrites the republicans are when it comes to their skydaddy. They, for the most part, think their religion is THE one. Basically, you have to think that if you are religious. Don’t get me wrong, they aren’t all like that. Probably only 93%of them think that way. The “presidents immigration plans of convenience” are made to shit on Muslim people, unless he has a hotel in their country. Let’s not forget, republican Jesus no longer “loves ALL the little children of the world.” Only the white ones pretty much.

Please care. Be safe. 7/21/2020

Editor’s note: I have yet to see one of those people with the American flag flying in the back of their truck, who have served in the military. I also know of no veterans that take part in such foolishness. If you want to be proud of your country, why not work to make it a less hateful shithole?

Also it looks like the fuhrer and his gang will stop at nothing to protect Epstein’s memory.

Please care. Be safe. 7/20/2020

Question number six goes as follows:

On which issues does  the mainstream media do the worst job of representing republicans? (select as many as apply)

o  Immigration

o   Economics

o   Pro-life values

o   Religion

o   Individual liberty

o   Conservatism

o   Foreign policy

o   Second Amendment rights

Before I attack economics, let me add something to last night’s pro-life chat.

“A child dies every few seconds from starvation and preventable disease. If we as a specie can’t save them, it is selfish and irresponsible to bring millions of unwanted babies unto this planet.”  tww

So, economics. It was actually someone in the media who taught me this. The CBO said that in ten years 100% of the GDP might have to go towards JUST the interest on the debt. They said that a couple of years ago. BEFORE the virus. President clueless and his band of minions gave tax cuts to people like the walton’s. You might have heard of them. Five people have at least 170 BILLION dollars. Why? Because we taxpayers have to subsidize walmart and pay to care for their poorly paid employees. I don’t want to hear that”entry level” bullshit either. A good chunk of the folks who are working those jobs are older. By the way, where the hell do they sell the entry level gas? Or the entry level groceries? Its greed. Period. “Today’s level of greed is not a sustainable model. Its not very civilized either.”  tww  Americans better start paying attention! Not to fox “news”, or any other one source. I learned from the media that the US is paying $750 dollars a day to store stolen children. I learned from the media why the trump foundation was closed down. I learned from the media that Robert Mueller, a Republican and a Decorated Vietnam Veteran, produced 199 criminal charges, 37 indictments, and several people in jail, or they would be if we had justice.

Please care. Be safe. 7/19/2020

Let me slide this in there, and try again to do economics…lol.

Pro-life values is our next contestant:

I would have to say the MSM represents republican pretty well. It has shown us that republicans really cherish life, until it is born. At that point, the “life” is pretty much abandoned by republicans. Republican politicians will then, fight to keep that ”life” from getting educated well, fed enough, or given good health care. They will send that “life” off to war will nilly, with no regards to what might happen to it. If that “life” is not just like the republicans, it’s future is really fucking bleak. The MSM has shown us time and time again, that if the lover of a republican gets pregnant, he will ask her to get an abortion. The MSM has shown us that some republicans are more than willing to take a life, to save fetuses.

MSM isn’t perfect, but it seems far more reliable than the republicans.

Please care. Be safe. 7/18/2020


So, lets attack each one separately.

Immigration: This one will take a while. First, we have been at net zero for years as far as Mexican immigrants go. That means more are leaving than are coming. Trumpsters voted for a guy with 2 immigrant wives and his own anchor babies to “fix” immigration. There was a legal way people could apply for asylum. But president gutless, put a stop to that. Then, when people came in anyways, they stole their children and sent the adults back. No morons, President Obama DID NOT DO THAT! Unaccompanied children were held until they could find an appropriate person to care for them. But not tens of thousands of them! Certainly not for $750 fucking dollars a day PER child. We can’t afford to help them, but we can afford to turn them into terrorist’s?

Not to mention, they pick our food. Food is rotting in fields, not just because of the virus, but because there were not enough workers to pick it. I worked in agriculture for ten years. I never once saw a “white person” picking food for a living.

Then there is the wall. Mexico, a POORER country than ours, was going to pay for a wall WE can’t afford. Didn’t give that horse shit any thought did you all? A wall that could NEVER be built or maintained. A great big wall to hide behind. Very noble.

I’ll do Econoics next.

Please care. Be safe. 7/17/2020

The 3rd, 4th, and 5th questions are the following:

Do you trust MSNBC to fairly report on our presidency? The same question is asked about CNN and “Fox news”.

I have already said that all corporate owned media is slanted. The purest news possible died when the “news” department became a separate profit-making department. It was never perfect, but without the media, the masters, the 1% of the 1% would have already destroyed civilization.

When 911 happened, I was in shock for a bit, but then I assured my self that the rich would find a way to make things right. After all, what good is their money with no society to spend it in? Now I realize, they are complete morons blinded by greed and the prospect of making their pile bigger.

MSNBC and CNN screwed Bernie the first time and didn’t do much better the second time. I am certain that rupert murdoch watched the movie Network, and there got the idea to use media to screw us all. Supposedly he is a citizen in Australia and the United States. As far as I am concerned, he is a traitor to both.

Please care. Be safe. 7/16/2020

The second question goes like this:

“Do you believe the mainstream media has unfairly reported on our presidency?

No. In fact there are many areas where they could have reported more. Sadly, all the attention probably helped the dumbass get elected. His supporters are still not interested in the truth. Try to get one to look up the trump foundation! His kids are not allowed to be involved with a nonprofit for the rest of their lives! Look it up trumpsters!


Please care. Be Safe. 7/15/2020

I will be adding a page for the whole survey.

Let’s take a look at a “Survey” put out by the republicans. Let me see if I can shed some perspective on this silliness.

The first question is, “Do you believe the mainstream media actually cares about working Americans." Now first let me say that all corporate media is slanted. Foreign owned fox “news” tries to avoid reality and the truth whenever possible. One of my best friends put it this way, “How likely is it that all the news channels are lying but one? It is far more likely that one is lying, and the rest are mostly telling the truth.

Now I am not sure that it is the media’s job to care about any particular class of people. I think generally, they are interested in uncovering the truth. Because sadly the truth is often buried by those in power.So I am not sure they care about working people, but I am damn sure the republicans and their masters don’t give a flying fuck about people, period!

So that was the first question. As I knock them out, I will add them to the blog.

Please care. Be safe. 7/14/2020

The trump foundation has been closed for some of the reasons you thought the Clinton foundation should be closed for. If you don't know that, look it up!

So, a 30-year-old Texas Man told a nurse, “I thought it was a hoax”, right before he died from the “hoax”. That man’s blood is on the hands of the president. It is also on the hands of every person who still supports him. The fucking hoax is in the white house!

Also, he let Roger Stone off. You republicans probably don’t know who the hell he is. WE HAVE NO JUSTICE! This is also on the hands of president clueless and his minions. Fuck everyone of you stupid mother fuckers who are not smart enough to see what the hell you have done!

Please care. Be safe. 7/11/2020

The “president” is spending millions of taxpayer dollars at HIS properties. Had President Obama done that, republicans would have had a shit fit!

I’m not a big “I told you so” guy. But a bunch of “#wecant” and #ItsTooHard” resisters battered me on twitter in March. I walked away from twitter and my 12,000 followers. I had said Incremental change was not good enough. I said its part of why we ended up with president clueless. I said people of color were freed 150 years ago, but they still get dicked around and KILLED  by the police, and the more challenged white people. “oh no we can’t fix things over night” they said. Its been 150 fucking years people. Now thanks to the virus, we are seeing overnight changes. Sadly, thanks to more killings by the police, we are seeing changes there also. Those who need to elevate their own status, by shitting on others, will not appreciate the change. Tough shit. Its time to grow up as a specie, or admit we are not evolved enough to.

Please care. Be safe. 7/10/2020

Happy putin day.

Personally, I have very little to celebrate today as far as our country is concerned. One of the dumbest mother fuckers to ever drag his knuckles on this earth, lives in the white house. He got there with help from Russia, questionable voting equipment, dark money, closing polling places, reducing early voting, purging voter rolls and foreign owned fox entertainment dumbing down the herd.

We have lacked leadership from the beginning regarding Covid 19. Morons are still telling me he is doing his presidency job for free. Yet he is spending MILLIONS of our dollars at HIS properties.  Putin is the only one that has something to celebrate today. His puppet in the white house.

Please care. Be safe. 7/4/2020

Devil Rays!

Any of you ever hear that Elvis song, In the Ghetto? Did you ever listen to the lyrics? The white people haven’t done shit, as a whole to make that situation better. We have turned away. We created this mess with our greed and lack of compassion.

Well done Fed Ex for wanting to change that hateful name, “redskins”. Ironically, we are so pathetic that the name Devil Ray’s had to be changed. How sad and pathetic is that? It’s a fucking fish! Yea I’m sure your Jesus was upset about Devil Ray’s but thinks the redskins name is just fine. Perspective people! Look around and get some.

Please care. Be safe. 7/3/2020

Shoutout to the Muncie area's finest.

It’s nice to see so many Muncie area law enforcement individuals stop by my site. So first let me say, I support good police officers. The videos that have been emerging for years clearly show that not all officers are good. I know for a fact that years ago, the Military Police taught very strict rules about when you could use deadly force. The suspect being black and unarmed was NOT one of those times you could use DF. As I told the Delaware County Sheriff’s office, “the first thing you learn as a firefighter is how important public relations are”.  Many of you want to be seen as Andy Griffith. Then you better learn some de-escalation techniques. These videos I have seen clearly are not things that just started happening. How many People Of Color have been abused over the years? One is too fucking many. It is probably closer to millions though. Be safe out there officers. Please make good decisions.

Please care. Be safe. 7/1/2020

"I can't think" Should be the trumpster rallying cry!

If it takes four inbreds to set one Black guy on fire, I think that says far more about the inbreds, than it does about people of color.

I was verbally molested and threatened by a trumpster yesterday. He was mowing the fucking church lawn across the street. Apparently, he didn’t like my Bernie signs, or the Black Lives Matters sign.  I asked him if he wanted to debate. He said “what” and moved a little closer. I again asked if he wanted to debate. He again said “what” and moved closer. By the time I asked him again, he was fairly close and said, ”no, I want you to come over here.”  He was now standing in the road. I guess he figured if he attacked me on the road, that would be ok?  They can’t debate with you, because they are clueless about what is going on in the world. They wrap themselves in the flag and the bible, and continue on their journey to Never, Never, Land.  I would say they talk like children, but the children I know are smarter than them. They of course always threaten those who are smaller than them. I guess that makes them feel like a man. Sad really.

Please care. Be safe. 6/27/2020

Flynn and trump are traitors. If you support either, you are a traitor also.

Is this country the “land of the free” or what? We are so free, that you can be totally ignorant, fill out clearance papers, and completely forget you are working for a foreign country. Mike Flynn is a fucking traitor. If you don’t know what I am talking about, congratulations. You are probably a maga patriot/trumpster . ANYONE who supports him, or president dementia is also a fucking traitor. All the standing for the anthem in the world, could never wash off the traitorous acts you have done! Sadly, most of you probably don’t have the facilities to understand what you have done. Or the courage.

Please care. Be safe. 6/24/2020

While some people in the US are taking this opportunity to grow the fuck up, let’s change the name of the Washington DC football team.  You wouldn’t call a team the black skins. Well some of you white chimps would like to. (For the record I am white. But I am not that white!) That name shows just how ugly our country is.

Please care. Be safe. 6/20/2020

I drove a semi over the road for a short time. I support truck drivers. But that asshole who drove a tanker through protesters deserves whatever he got. If you can’t understand why people of color are upset, then you are the fucking problem!

Please care. Be safe. 6/18/2020

John Bolton is human garbage. So, if John thinks you are bad, you are really fucking bad. Watch the White House squirm because its afraid of the truth.

Hey maga patriots, are we great again yet? Boy did we miss that boat! Time to take over another bird sanctuary!!!

Please care. Be safe. 6/18/2020

They are children you sick fucks!

Unless society completely breaks down, and it might, smarter and better people will hopefully be in charge. When that happens, we need to hunt down every one of those mother fuckers who was involved in hurting those kids, and make them pay!!!!  Its not fucking ok! And no, President Obama did NOT do it. He did not kidnap children and pay $750 dollars a day to store them. He did not steal tens of thousands of children. Stop lying.

Please care.. Be safe. 6/16/2020


Climate change doesn’t give a flying fuck if you believe in it or not. 19 has helped give our poor environment a break, but we can only guess at how big future storms will be and where. We better pull our collective head out of our ass and help each other prepare. “As a specie, we can either continue to fight each other over deities and greed, or we can come together to fight the upcoming weather. We can’t win both, and by now it might be too late to win either.”  Tww

Have a great weekend. Be happy. Help someone, it will help you in the long run.

Please care. Be safe. 6/12/2020

I lived in up state New York as a child.  Corfu, which is near Batavia, which is near Buffalo. I always thought of Buffalo as my home a way from home. But after seeing those asshole police officers push an old man down, crack his skull, then walk away, it seems to be nothing to be proud of.   You see, it is not ok to raise yourself up, by shitting on others. It was never ok. But more and more earthlings seem to be waking the fuck up. Congratulations. We have been waiting for you.

Please care. Be safe. 6/11/2020

A republican boycott.  BWAhahahahahahahahahahaha

You trumpsters have crossed the mother fucking line this time.  I haven’t shopped at Amazon in several years. But now I might have to, because the trumpsters don’t like anyone helping those that they shit on for centuries. Those of color, and anyone else that is different from them. That’s correct. Many in the “pro-life” group are about as pro-life as hitler was pro-Jewish. They are pro-white.  Not pro-life.

Please care. Be safe. 6/10/2020

NFL guy that got killed in Florida for his shit is a great example of why people with lots of money, should want a better world for all. Then, you won’t get killed for having more shit. Got it? Good.

Also, Hey Putin, FUCK YOU!!!  Grow the fuck up and evolve past oil and bullying you shit of a human!

At the same time that president dementia was selling the stupid ass idea of Mexico paying for a wall WE can’t afford, pregnant Russian women were coming to the United States, and living in trump properties, and giving birth to Russian anchor babies. But hey, Hillarie’s fucking e-mails. We suck!

Please care. Be safe. 6/7/2020

I have decided to put much of my old blog back up. I might even start another story or two.  You “resister” mother fuckers on twitter who gave me shit, because I said we needed to make some fast and big changes can all kiss my ass!  19 has already proven you wrong. When I said 150 years is way too fucking long, for people of color to not get abused by the police, I was again told, “we can’t change overnight”.  The fuck we can’t. Now piss off with your quitter attitude. Just piss the fuck off!

Please care. Be safe. 6/5/2020

George Floyd was murdered. There is no question. These types of things did NOT just start happening. We are seeing them, thanks to technology. I left twitter after being molested by some #ItsTooHard and #WeCant  “resisters”. They were telling me how we have to accept incremental change. How we “can’t change things overnight”.  Yea, No shit! But we are changing things over night now because of the virus. It may also be time for our lazy asses to make things better for all. You know, hire police that aren’t racist assholes, would be a great start. Get rid of stupid ass drug laws that don’t work.

Please care. Be safe. 5/31/2020

I Can't Breathe

The same people who were whining about caravans of diseased women and children, are not smart enough to take 19 seriously! That sounds like an entry for TwoFacedMotherFuckers.com.


Please care. Be safe. 5/24/2020

If you support trump, you are a stupid mother fucker. REGARDLESS of your color!

Please care. Be safe. 5/23/2020

Why would the “supreme court” block information from the Mueller report from being released? Because the president is FUCKING GUILTY!!!!

Please care. Be safe. 5/21/2020

Well done @Jack on Twitter.  They say they will be marking misleading tweets about the Covid 19.  Way too late for me to go back, but way to go @Jack. Finally. I met a few good people on facebook. I met several more on twitter. But I have a lot more time now for what is important to me as I am on neither.

Please care. Be safe. 5/12/2020

Happy Mother’s Day!!!!

Mothers and women have been given the shitty end of the stick since the beginning. You have had more work and tougher jobs, then looked down on by mostly old white men. This old white man is more than tired of it.

As our country and the world goes to shit, I am kind of at peace. For three years I have worried about what would happen if something bad happened while we had a complete imbecile in the White House. Well this virus is the fucking lottery of bad things. I have no worry left! The trumpsters have fucked us all but good.

Please care. Be safe. 5/10/2020

I stand by the story below. The Kim they are showing now is an imposter!

That little North Korean bastard is dead!  Good luck to the North Korean people in replacing him with someone better!

Please care. Be safe. 4/25/2020

I sincerely hope that many of you are planting a victory garden. As in, “Victory Over Hunger”! It is also a good time to let our representatives know that we should not be selling ANY farmland to ANY foreign entity’s!

Please care. Be safe. 4/20/2020

Attention trumpsters who want to protest!

Don’t give up! Get as many people as you can. Don’t forget to bring bottles of freedom whiskey to drink and pass around. Don’t believe the truth! Make sure there is a flag sticker on your truck.

Please care. Be safe. 4/18/2020

Whose dick is bigger?

Or who is the biggest dick?

I will say the Republican governor of Indiana, at least took steps before a lot of other Republican governors to slow the virus. But he is a trumpster, deep down, I guess. He want’s to “open” the state as soon as possible? What the fuck does that even mean? At least a “rolling” open is clear and makes more sense. You want to impress the stock market? Fuck the stock market! Take care of the people you Schmucks!

Please care. Be safe. 4/16/2020


The Emperors are naked. 

The governments of United States, China, and Russia are lying about the numbers of people who are dying from the COVID Virus. The only real reason to lie is so the liars can remain in power. Places like Russia and China make it much harder to remove bad politicians. The United States is heading in that direction because most Republican Politicians are cowards or schlepps. Probably both. The longer the people of Earth let this shit go on, the harder it will be to ever have leaders that really want what’s best for everyone.

Please care. Be safe. 4/14/2020

 "“Today’s level of greed is not a sustainable model. It’s not very civilized either.” tww

“Alexa, Siri, where did we go wrong?” tww

"We let the children down, while we scramble for shiny things." tww


My name is Thomas Wurster and this is my web site. I will say what I want, as long as we have free speech. Feel free to hit me up at Tom@ImTiredOfTheirShit.com.

Also I swear a lot. You have been warned. 

I can't breath

I stand in solidarity with Asians and ALL those who are not racist assholes.



Hats off to anyone who refuses to hold a paper hat rally for Marjorie and Matt. When Republicans use words, they don’t know the meaning of like Communist, they just look that much more foolish to people who aren’t stupid. We have freedom of speech. We also have the freedom to not listen.  
I have picked up a couple of projects, so I won’t be blogging every day. Probably. Lead by example. Help others. Get rid of the clutter. Empty out that fucking storage unit. Call someone you love. Call someone who needs someone to call them. Visit someone who needs a visit.  

According to multiple sources, Senate Democrats have introduced legislation to federally decriminalize cannabis. There is no better example of how incremental change sucks! How many billions of dollars have we waisted, imprisoning people for weed? Oh and, HOW THE FUCK HAS THAT WORKED OUT????  
This is our crossing of the Delaware River. Not just with weed, but with racism, and all other forms of bullying. Paying women less, bullying the poor with stupid ass laws, selling seeds that were no good to Black Farmers, letting big business shit on the environment, THE SEVEN ARE COMING!!!   
Let’s say that mankind is represented by ten people on an island. 
One person has 90% of the wealth. 
Two other people have 4% of the wealth each. 
The other Seven people get to share 2% of the wealth.  
Those 7 people are fucking tired of this sorry ass set up. 
They are coming for you rich, mostly white, bullies! 

Well, it seems that several Appalachian states face billions in mining cleanup.  It’s a good thing for those responsible, that Republican politicians have passed many laws making it harder if not impossible to sue big business. It’s also great news for those rich people, that Republican politicians have polluted our court system with people, some who are no more qualified to be a judge, than trump was qualified to hold the most important fucking job in the world! How can we not be on the worst episode of Candid Universal Fucking Camera!!!     

It has come to my attention, that Colorado has made Delta 8 and 10 illegal. What are Delta 8 and 10? It is THC that is derived from hemp. It was made legal during the last farm bill. They are ok with pot, but not hemp? What bullshit is this? 
Famers grow it and make money. That is really a good thing for farmers. To have things to grow, that they can make money off of. Now here in Indiana, it has been legal to buy it for now. The state of Indiana HAS to be making a lot of money on it from taxes. They could just raise the tax a little, and make even more money. But Republicans are in charge here, and bullying and doing stupid things is pretty much their MO. Also, Democrats aren’t innocent in this bullshit either. Pot is a schedule one drug like Cocaine and Heroin. That is more asinine than the second Iraq War. You can’t sit a jury for pot offences and you sure as heel won’t be able to sit one for hemp charges. The people, that’s us, are fucking tired of this bullshit bullying. But the people, and facts, and reality, seldom cross paths with Republican politicians.  
How much money has been spent on sending people to jail for pot? We better grow the fuck up soon. The people are tired of your bullshit!!! 

Update: Some Republican governors are sending troops and police officers to Texas to the Border with Mexico, to help fight crime. BWAhahahahahahahahahahaha 
 You are encouraging your followers to believe that the Covid virus is not real. You are encouraging your believers to think that it is possible to steal a presidential election in the US, with mail in ballots. Even though there is NO fucking way that would be possible with millions of votes. You want to white wash history, and keep women and everyone else down, so you can stay on top. Well FUCK THAT BULLSHIT!!!!  
Everything you do is either based on lies, and/or just for show. Where the fuck are those caravans filled with diseased women and children? Any by the way, did Jesus ever shit on other people the way you seem to like to????  

If you are a Police Officer, and you are a Republican, what the fuck for? If you are in the military, and you support trump, have you NOT been paying attention? If you are a Christian, and you support trump, well there is probably no hope for your misguided ass.  
The gutless attack on OUR fucking Capital on January 6th was NOT fucking ok. If you are so ignorant of facts and reality, that you think that it was ok, the blood of that stupid bitch that died AND any blood from police officers, is on YOUR FUCKING HANDS!    

Senator Blackburn was warning Taylor Swift, that the Socialists and the Marxists will not let her record music if they get in charge. If this wasn't so fucking sad, it would be funny. By the way, Social Security, is a great example of a socialist style program. Making it harder to vote, is a great example of a Republican program. Fire Departments and Police departments are great examples of Socialist style programs. Lying about the feasibility of stealing an election by millions of mail in ballots, is a GREAT example of a Republican style program.   
Get a fucking clue people!!!! 

It really seems to come down to reality vs fantasy. White men, treating everyone else like second class citizens, was always going to be a dead-end road. I don’t give a rat’s trump how many degrees you have, if you can’t see the truth, you are part of the problem. If you are white, but can’t see the obvious mistreatment of everyone else, you are part of the problem. If you are a white male, but can’t see how we have treated everyone, since the beginning, well you are also part of the problem. The problem is that some people think, others should be treated differently. Whether it is because of their heritage, the color of their skin, their religion, or the fucking vehicle they drive, WE are all equal. It doesn’t matter if you want to believe the truth, the truth still exists.  

My father died when he was 59. Two packs of cigarettes a day, a love of beer, never going to a DR., and being poisoned with radiation by the US government at the end of World War ll, finally caught up to him.  
Today I turned 60. I was bullied, and abused both mentally and sexually. Not by my family, but by others. I rarely look at my face. Maybe 4 or 5 times a year. I don’t look at my face, because others made me hate my face by calling me names. I had very crooked teeth, started losing my hair around14, and had just about the worst acne you could have. Even a teacher once told me, “It looked like my face was on fire and they tried to put it out with a pick axe”.  
I don’t know how many more years I have, but I intend to use those years for speaking up for those who do not have a voice. We may not be able to save society, but either help, or get the fuck out of the way. We have work to do.  

I am not an expert on Critical Race Theory. But I am an expert on life. If you think people of color are not treated differently than I will guess that is the reason we need Critical Race Theory. Because some white people are so out of touch with reality, that they have to be taught reality. How fucking sad is that shit????? 

Happy Independence Day. Let’s remember what our forefathers were doing. Why did they want independence from Great Britain? Because Great Britain was a bully. Our forefathers wanted freedom. 
Those on the “right” say they want freedom. But the freedom they want, is the freedom to tell others how to live. They want the freedom to throw the peoples vote out, and stick another old white man in office, despite what the people want. Fuck that! The Seven are coming.  

Hey Senator Grahm, the republican politicians don’t need any help looking like fucking idiots. Remember when you made President Obama walk a tight rope through his 8 years? Then you let a reality tv star, wipe his ass with the Constitution. You backed a guy that said Mexico, a poorer country than ours, was going to pay for a 30-billion-dollar wall that WE can’t afford. Remember when you guys said President Obama wasn’t qualified to meet with the shithead from North Korea? But you had no problem letting that freak get together with him. He gave away the team Spirit Exercise’s and got NOTHING in return. 
You had no problem with the George W administration deleting 22 million e-mails, but you lost your shit when Hillary deleted 30k. You didn’t seem to upset when 13 embassies and consulates were attacked during the George W administration killing some 66 people. But you lost your shit over Benghazi.  
You whined and whined about caravans of diseased women and children that were coming to America.  But then your side said that Covid 19, a real virus, was a hoax. You republican politicians are all fucking idiots. 

Years ago, I lived in Prince George’s County, MD. One day I heard a commotion and looked out the window. Several Police Officers were pointing a gun in the direction of the Black Man that lived across the street. There was a very scared child standing next to him. The Police were yelling at him to get away from the child. Eventually, they fucking through him against a police car. 
Apparently, a child who lived down the street, said that he  carried a gun into the house. Now it was HIS fucking house.  I know of no law that forbids someone from carrying a weapon into their house. Even if they are Black! Also, there was NO fucking gun in his house. 
Years later, I was playing poker with some of my longtime friends. I mentioned this story to them, and my Attorney friend George, said, “Oh yea, PG County is well known for their police brutality.”  
So yes, all lives matter. But all lives are NOT treated the same. THAT is the fucking point, if you haven't gotten it yet. 

In the end, this election nonsense shouldn’t be hard to figure out. Do you remember after the 2016 election when Hillary beat trump by millions of votes? Remember what he said? Those were illegal immigrants voting for her. He had no proof of course. He almost never does, because he is lying. 
Fast forward to 2020 and “oh the election was rigged”. Now a smart person should know that in order to steal an election with mail in ballots, first you would need a list of millions of registered voters who you somehow know, aren’t voting. How the fuck do you get such a list? You see smarter people should know, that you can’t fucking vote twice. Not to mention the fact that you would have to fill out MILLIONS of ballots and sign them the way the voter signs their name. 
It's NOT fucking possible. Kind of like Mexico, a poorer country than ours, paying for a Fucking 30 billion dollar wall WE can’t afford. Learn how to think and question stupid shit. Or standing for the fucking anthem will be the least of your worries.  

OK, update: if I am wrong about something, I will own up to it. Earlier I said Republicans can’t win because they are liars and thieves. The Republicans in the state of Michigan, who just finished investigating trump and the paper hat gangs claims, found them to all be BULLSHIT! So thank goodness, SOME Republican politicians have courage, and integrity. I stand corrected. 
But then those SAME Reepublicans, go on to say voting should be more restricted. What the fuck is wrong with you people? Maybe I wasn’t corrected after all? 

There is only one reason that the Republicans are making it harder for people to vote. The Republicans can’t win fairly. They can’t win fairly because their policies, if you can call them that, SUCK! They give to the rich, while robbing the poor. Now trumpsters won’t be able to understand that, because knowing stuff and figuring things is hard.  
Let me try to esplain it to them. When you don’t pay your workers a fair or living wage, you are stealing from them. Wild, isn’t it? When walmart doesn’t pay their employees enough to live on, they are stealing from them AND tax payers! I absolutely believe there should be programs for people who need help. But people who are working a full-time fucking job. Shouldn't need much fucking help! 
The Republicans cannot ”win” unless they cheat. That is because they are a bunch of fucking liars and thieves!  

I stopped saying the Pledge of Allegiance in my late 20’s when I realized what an absolutely ridiculous thing it was. However, never in my mind did “justice for all” mean anything but that, justice for all. Yet I have had sub-morons tell me that it really means, justice for Americans only. Never once, when I was uttering that ridiculous shit, did I think it meant anything other than Justice for all! Never once, when I put on my Army uniform, did I think it meant anything other than that!
We either have justice for all, or we are NO better than ANY other country. We either let ALL Americans vote, or we are NO better than ANY other country. If you want to be patriotic, how about acting like a fucking grown up, rather than a pledge of allegiance reciting zombie!  

So, I hear that major prick Matt Gaetz and crazy bitch Margery Green are going to start a group called America First. I would compare it to white people complaining that they aren’t treated special anymore. This is what happens when you don’t pay attention in history class. Or any class seemingly. Also, if you don’t already know. I am white, but I am not THAT white.  
There seems to be a major sickness, that mostly white people get, and mostly white people don’t understand. But not all white people. I weas conscious at a fairly early age, that white privilege was a very nasty disease. It keeps people from seeing and understanding reality.  
Those two pieces of shit that I have already mentioned have it very badly. Now they probably only know people who “think” like they do, therefore they have misguided themselves into thinking most people agree with them. They don’t, as you hateful shits may eventually learn. But probably not. 
“An even field MUST include access to the field.”  tww 

I have had a few people complain to me about the price of gas lately. Now who is in the White House has almost no impact at all on the price of gas. These same people thought gas was going to be $6 a gallon when President Obama was in office. Remember??? I do. They also said President Obama was coming after their guns. Remember? I remember that he did no such thing.  
Now the president can release fuel from the reserve, but that hasn’t really seemed to change the price much.  So, while you are whining about the price of gas, let me remind you that the current President is NOT wiping his ass with the US Constitution. For example, he and his squad are NOT spending most weekends at the President's own properties, which is against the Emoluments Clause in the Constitution. No President Obama did NOT play more golf than president heelspurs who spent millions of OUR dollars at HIS properties.  
Also, the current President is NOT putins bitch, like the last president was. Imagine where we would be with the Covid problem, if that horse's ass trump had won? Is your imagination able to be that honest with you? I rather doubt it.  

I will be 60 years old next month. I was not an A student, but I did pay attention and I did graduate, despite learning issues that have been recently diagnosed with me. I remember when the George W Administration got in trouble for deleting 22 million e-mails. Republicans have told me, “Well they retrieved some of them” which of course has not one fucking thing to do with deleting them in the first place. But that is one of their MO’s. Distract from the sometimes-horrible truth.  
I started school in Corfu New York where I attended school up to the 5th grade. We then moved to Florida. I attended Clearwater Comprehensive Vocational Middle school, and Then Largo High School. I say this, because personally I would like to know why the fuck I never heard about the Tulsa Massacre. Or any one of other MANY massacres of white people, by gutless ignorant groups of white people. 
My guess will be that many people, to and include some people in charge, are afraid of the fucking truth. Well, they SHOULD BE!! Yet they want to whine about people kneeling for the fucking anthem? You are some out of touch mother fuckers! 

So, Rep. Michael McCaul says we should start “thinking” about hitting back at Russia. Well Mike, many of us have been. Especially since trump was clearly puttin’s bitch. Good to see some of you starting to catch up to what is going on in the world! 
Oh and EVERY time someone dies from morons thinking the virus is a hoax, that blood is on EVERY trump supporter's hands. 

It appears that the “Supreme Court” has ruled that the bullying for low level crack cocaine offenders can continue. Why? Probably for several reasons. 
First, the war on drugs is a tremendous catastrophe. Like the trump administration, Republican politicians especially, can’t admit to mistakes. I am not even sure they can see them or understand what they have done again and again to bully the poor.     
Also, there is money to be made by the scourge that is private prisons. Rather than keep violent criminals in prison, they would like to keep abusing the poor with drug laws. 
A BIG shout out to Israel, for kicking that asshole Netanyahu out of office. He is a bully and nothing more. Now Russia and China need to get rid of their bully's.  

Let’s say that all the people in the world are represented by 10 people on an island.  
1 person gets 90% of the wealth. 
2 people each have 4% of the wealth. 
The other 7 people get to share 2% of the wealth. Now this may not be perfectly accurate. But if you aren’t an imbecile, you can see the problem here. Let me assure you that the Seven are coming.  

I think that one that surprises me the most is that Republican politicians seem to be as bad at breaking laws as they are at making laws. 

Its spring, and summer is just around the corner. Who is already killing their weeds with good old Agent Orange? I mean you don’t actually believe it is bad, right? One of my brother-in-law's did several tours in Vietnam as a medic. He died from SEVERAL types of cancer! He got a letter the day after he died, telling him he had been accepted into Medicaid.  
But after witnessing nearly 60 years of stupid ass humans, doing stupid ass things, surely there are some Agent Orange deniers out there. If there are, they absolutely have a trump flag in their yard.  

Who has gotten any asbestos installed lately? I wonder if there are any asbestos deniers out there? Like they don’t believe that asbestos is bad for you. They think the fiberglass Corporations made it all up, so they are buying it from a third world country, because they “think” it is all a hoax.  
Don’t get me wrong. Power most certainly corrupts the human animal. That is why no matter who gets elected, they need to be helped and watched, or we deserve the bucket of shit that was the trump administration. 
But Republican politicians have been screwing their base for years, and they are very afraid of them. The people in their base aren’t bad people. They have just been misled and I believe they will be quite pissed some day when they learn some truths. 

Did you ever see the movie continental Divide, with John Belushi and Blair Brown? John Belushi is a writer for a newspaper.  He writes a story that his editor doesn’t like so the editor leaves it on his desk. The story gets printed anyways by mistake. In Crazy People, a similar thing happens where some ad's are printed by mistake.  
There has got to be the reason that USA Today ran that ridiculous fucking story about human/animal Hybrids. At a time when disinformation is running rampant, and stupid ass human animals will believe any stupid ass thing, What the fuck were you thinking?  
Why not run a story about some truth? For example, Mexico, a poorer country than ours, was NEVER going to pay for a fucking wall WE can’t afford. How about a story that shows how the Clinton Foundation is none of the things Republicans like to say it was? How about a story about the trump foundation that shows IT was exactly what the trumpsters were saying about the Clinton Foundation? How about a story that shows that the Muller Report was not a fucking hoax and that it produced 199 criminal charges, 37 incitements, and several of trumps thugs were sent to jail?  Or how about a story that shows that the Obama Administration did NOT cage children OR spend 750 a DAY per stolen child to store them?   
 If you have the ear of people, you have a fucking responsibility to NOT mislead them. If you do, may you rot in hell! I am looking at you foreign owned fox entertainment. I am also looking at several others to include Senator Mike Braun of Indiana, who apparently does not know how our election system works! 

I hear the paper hat crowd, or Qanon has a new thing to believe in. Apparently, president* heelspurs  (trump) will be back in office later this year. Now sure they have missed all the other dates they made up, but I think I know how it could happen.  
First, Aliens come here and take all the smart people to a diferent planet. Then, that jackass could be sent to the White House in a land slide.  
What the fuck is wrong with that lot? 

When mostly white people pass laws that hurt mostly minorities, they are doing so out of spite. They are not doing it out necessity.  
When mostly old white men, pay women less for doing the same job, it is out of spite. It is certainly NOT out of necessity.  This is bullying for no other reason than spite and maybe pretend elevated self-worth for some people. Can you see reality?  

Happy and safe Memorial Day for all my fellow Veterans, their families who stood by them, and all others who are not hateful shits.  

I find it super ironic that Republican governors think that by refusing to accept the extra unemployment money, they are somehow standing up for their voters. Yet they are missing the same point that president heelpurs (trump) missed when he and his ilk gave out those tax cuts to the rich. You see, if they had given that money to those who needed it, those people would have spent that money and the economy would have been on fire despite the complete ineptness of heelspurs and the Republicans. 
But hey what do I know? I have just been paying attention for 60 years, and ignoring the obvious bullshit we have been taught. 

Hey Republicans, why do you hate America?


So, pretend Senator and shitty boss Mike Braun agrees with Indiana governor whatever his name is, that they should stop accepting the extra unemployment money the federal government has been paying. They think it is keeping people from working. I actually know of two people that took the 500 dollars for several weeks. They are step sisters. Neither of them worked full time, yet they both got more than 500 dollars for several weeks. Ironically, their Republican mother had no fucking problem with it. I guess that is why Republican politicians are worried about it...lol. They know their base. 
Ironically, the problem is much more complex. For example, many people used to come to this country to do the types of jobs that Braun and his ilk wouldn't touch. Sadly, they did the cowardly thing and support president heelspurs, who then discouraged many good workers from coming to this country. Covid has also dealt a blow to the pool of available workers. Then, there are the pieces of shit like Braun, who were lousy bosses, making some workers decide it just wasn’t worth it. It REALLY fucking matters who you vote for people. 

I do not believe in any particular deity. I do believe in Fate, and Karma. When the actions of people are necessary, at least the motive can be understood. But when the motive is spite, we see an example of some of the very worse behavior of our specie, and it should never be encouraged. 

Tennessee is the latest state to confirm their racism by making certain things a no-no for teachers to discuss. After all, it is MUCH easier to repeat history, when you don’t fucking know any. -This is all about fear. The people in Tennessee clearly are afraid of the truth. Just like China is afraid of the truth. Just like Russia is afraid of the truth. The GOP have proven time after time that they are also afraid of the truth.  
The truth will set us all free. Care to start telling the truth GOP? I didn’t think so. 

I saw a vehicle with several stickers on it that said, “Support Mask Choice”.  I certainly do because we all have a choice now. Get the fucking vaccine, and you can take off the fucking mask. Isn’t that so simple? Simple enough that a trumpster can understand. Well it should be anyways. I got the vaccine. I can go maskless next week. It is that simple. 

Rich guy and shitty boss Senator Mike Braun doesn’t want the truth taught about slavery. Yes, Tucker Carlson, this is a fucking fundamentally racist country. Look at our fucking history you knuckle draggers! Look at what we did to Japanese people during World War ll. Look at how we have treated immigrants. Look how some police have been allowed to abuse their powers for years shooting unarmed black people.  
The truth will set you mother fuckers free. It will actually free all of us. But you have no use for truth or freedom. Freedom means people are allowed to think and that is the last thing you want. Sadly! 

Senator Bernie Sanders is THE man! He is moving to block the sale of weapons or at least some weapons to the bully called Israel. That’s right, a JEWISH Senator has more honor and courage than most of the GOP. Liz Cheney, not included of course because apparently, she can’t be bought.  


So, I hear that Senator Braun is against the 1/6 commission. That is so odd because Republicans loved these investigations in the past. Look at whitewater. Look at Benghazi. 13 Consulates and Embassies were attacked under the George W administration, and not a fucking peep out of Republicans. But then an Embassy was attacked under the Obama administration, and the pretend patriots from the right leaped into action. There was a considerable amount of lies about Benghazi. Oddly enough they ALL came from the right and they were ALL bullshit. Never the less, foreign owned fox entertainment had that burning car on their news for months and months. Keeping the mindless bird sanctuary patriots riled up and ready to spring into action, if it was convenient. 
Senator Braun also believes that the election was stolen. Even though there is no logistical way it could happen, at least not with millions of mail in ballots. It's not fucking possible you knuckle dragging apes!!! 

Imagine being so scared, that you, and one or two or several other people, beat the shit out of someone. That’s not fear. It’s bullying. It’s abuse of power. It sure the hell isn’t “protecting”! WE either grow the hell up as a specie, or we die as one.  

I support good police officers. I do not buy the bullshit excuse that a police officer was scared. Firefighters walk into burning buildings. If you are that scared, then get a different job. Want to be treated like Andy Griffith? Then fuckling ACT like Andy Griffith! The police have rules. But too many have become bullies. Too many police have been using profiling for years, that’s just another way to bully. The things we are seeing in videos, did NOT just start happening. It's not ok to shoot someone in the back, because he is running away. The police need clear rules about when they can use deadly force. 
Oh, and here is an idea. Let’s stop shitting on the poor. You would be surprised how much better they might act. We need laws that protect people, not bully people.  

So, I got the Janssen Vaccine. So far, I don't see anyone following me. But then they can track me...lol......JK! I barely felt it, I kept moving my arm for a while so it should be less stiff later.  
Now let’s talk about the trust you put in someone when they watch your children. I found out yesterday, that while one of our kids stayed with a friend for a few days' years ago, that friends x-box broke. So that friend went and bought a new one, then put the broken one in the box and returned it. What the actual fuck? I am sure this friend thought it was funny. I fucking do not! Stealing is wrong. But then so is lying, at least in theory if not in reality. 

He also brought over a bootleg copy of the Simpsons movie and I let my kids watch it against my better judgement. This person had plenty of money, His friend who got the movie also had plenty of money. You can bet your white ass what they would say about a black kid stealing a fucking candy bar. We really suck as a society.

It is time to reconsider the ten plus million dollars the US gives Israel every day! I have nothing against Jewish People. But Israel is a bully and Netanyahu should have already been in jail. Muslim people need to stop being burned out of their houses and Israel needs to STOP stealing land.  

It has been reported that facebook has made the ban on president horses' ass, (not the current president) permanent. I applaud this move. But make no mistake, facebook is MAJORLY responsible for that shit-head being elected. At this time, I still have no use for facebook. Twitter is also responsible, but I left twitter because some “resistors” told me we can’t fix things overnight. It was around April and May of the year we would like to forget. I said the police need to stop abusing people of color to include killing them. I was told “we can’t change things overnight”. Yes, no shit sherlock, but I knew that bogus argument was about to be tossed forever. Then it was. I also said we better get our heads out of our trumps about the virus. Same lame answer, we can’t change things overnight. But a week or two later, we sure the fuck did change things pretty quick, now didn’t we?  

GOP Rep and grown up wanta-be Paul Gozar said police executed Ashli Babbitt during the capital riot.  She was trespassing. She and her “patriots” had broken and entered. They had attacked the police. I am censoring myself. Though I stand by what I said originally.  
  You have no fucking problem when the police are harassing people of color. Also, you Clearly have no fucking idea what the word patriot means.  

If they were patriots, why the fuck didn’t Mcarthy and Pence go out and meet them? Because you are just fucking lying again. You all are some sad cowardly pieces of shit! 

Republican politicians are continuing to down play the events of January 6. I used to think they were being dishonest on purpose, but I now wonder if they aren’t just complete fucking idiots. They all suck at the teat of foreign owned fox entertainment. They are just as clueless as their supporters. None of them seem smarter than a fifth grader. 
Once again, to steal an election with five million fucking votes, you would need a list of 5 million people who are registered to vote, but who are NOT voting. Just how the fuck did the Democrats compile that fucking list you morons? Then, they would have to fill out five million fucking mail in ballots, signing the names of the voters just like they do. Any fucking idea of the logistical problems of that? Of course not, because you gave it no more thought than you did Mexico, a poorer country than ours, paying for a thirty billion dollar fucking wall.  
You are too stupid for words! 

Most Republican politicians have chosen the side they want to be on. They have chosen lies over truth. They have chosen fiction over facts. They have chosen cowardice over honor. They have chosen trump, over you and I. 

When Republicans pass laws making it harder to vote, they should be required to show evidence of why those changes are necessary. Because they are lying constantly about almost everything. CALL THEM ON THEIR BULL-TRUMP!!! 
In the meantime, those states need to stop seeing are money being spent there. Everyone gets to vote, or the voting means nothing!       

The web site was down for a so far unexplained reason.  Make no mistake, Republican politicians are only “conservative” when someone else is in charge. They need to be called on their constant bullshit. 

When people make it harder to vote, they are not protecting voting. They are protecting themselves. How cowardly and without honor.

Many many years ago, when I went to church, we used to sing “Jesus loves ALL the little children of the world”. It's quite clear that republican Jesus only loves the American white children. Sadly, it's all a facade.  
Do you know where your compassion is?  


I just came back from the Muncie Lowe’s. More and more people are not wearing a mask. One guy coming in the door, rubbed his face as if to say, “look, I am an asshole.” We know asshole.  
A short time later, a guy came into a convenient store where I was and said, “I can’t read” implying he didn’t have to wear a mask because he couldn't read. I am not sure what the saddest part of this is, though I suspect it is the fact that some of these humans are passing on their faulty shallow depth human genes. Along with witless humor that rarely even reaches the bar of humor.  
Most of our hope is in the younger generations. As hitler said, “your youth are already in our camps” except in this case. Foreign owned fox is saying it and they are talking about adults, sadly 

Music has always been important to me.  
when I am in a vehicle, I am a jamming mother fucker. Muncie should be known for the amount of trains that pass through. This Friday morning, I waited about ten minutes for one. I noticed the person behind me was sitting there with her head propped up on her arm, like she wanted to be somewhere else. Then she noticed me dancing and soon, she was also moving to some music. Pass that shit on. 
Have a great weekend. 

I have been working on a greenhouse for a while. We also have a rather large vegetable garden. I will be working on that for a day or two.  
I suggest gardening for many reasons, having fresh food to eat is certainly one of them. 

So, the GOP has offered up their version of an infrastructure bill. You see the GOP wants the people who use the roads to pay for them. Yet they had no problem giving massive tax cuts to amazon and walmart. Who the fuck paid for those? Oh, that’s right. Our children and our grandchildren. Fortunately for the GOP, many of those who vote for the GOP are no smarter when it comes to reality,   
Fix the fucking infrastructure, and make the billionaires pay! You can make a billion dollars but you sure the hell can’t earn a billion dollars. Let’s get smarter than a third grader as a country. Let’s start with learning that rich people don’t create jobs, demand for a product does.  


Those new vehicles are something aren’t they? Especially the headlights, and the payments. The payments have to be huge if so many of you can’t replace the fucking headlight when it goes out. I just had an asshole on East Jackson behind me with one headlight on. So of course, it was on high beam. It actually hurt my eyes, but hey, nice vehicle...lol. Get your fucking headlight fixed, or drive a fucking vehicle you can afford. It’s a safety hazard!  

The freedoms in this country seem endless. For example, you are free to take advantage of Black People in Kansas apparently where Black Neighborhoods are being hard hit by property tax sales. If you are white, you are still pretty much able to pretend that these things are not happening, or that they are not racists in nature. But hopefully those days are coming to an end. It is NOT ok to pretend these things are not happening, or that they are not deliberate. Once again, I am white, but I am not THAT white. 
Evolve or we all shall die.  

One good thing I can say about Indiana, is even though the Governor is a Republican, he took the virus seriously to begin with. Well as serious as a Republican can. Sadly though, as the numbers went down, he fell in line with the others and started opening up too soon. Now the numbers are rising. Again. Because we have the freedom, to elect stupid ass politicians. How great we are.

Senator Ron Johnson from Wisconsin said, “what do you care if your neighbor gets the vaccine or not”? Well Mr. Dip Shit, the more the virus spreads, the more it will mutate. The more it mutates, the worse it will be for everyone. Who is electing these trumpsters?   

The Ohio GOP wants to name a park after former president trump. But if you could name it after one thing trump did, what would that be? “He doesn’t pay his taxes state park?” “He trafficked in stolen immigrant children state park?” “He raped a girl and got away with it state park?” “People died because he lied about the virus state park?" “Russia got him elected and the proof is in the Mueller Report state park?” “He wiped his ass with our constitution state park?”  

If someone is holding you down on the ground with their knee on your neck, YOU ARE GOING TO STRUGGLE. Because they are KILLING you! Wake the fuck up people!!!! 

So, I just caught a few minutes of a Republican Senator, not answering questions on MSNBC. For example, he was asked if he would support and increase on the corporate tax rate to pay for infrastructure, so he talked about electric cars. He also said things like nursing homes shouldn’t be in the infrastructure bill. 
So let me try to explain this in simple enough terms that a US Republican Senator can understand it. When President Obama got elected, both Bitch McConnel and John Boner said they wouldn’t work with president Obama. For 8 fucking years you did not work with him. So, he had to find ways to help Americans without your sorry ass. President Biden will have to do the same. 
As far as nursing homes, you assholes over the last 4 years cut therapy twice, gutting the help patients need, and hurting middle class PTA’s. So again, the president has to find ways to help others, other than your tax cuts to the rich, which ONLY help the rich. 
This stupid ass senator said that those who use the services need to pay for them. Again, he had gone back to electric cars, so here this, you gave walmart and amazon tax cuts they DID NOT NEED. Oh, and by the way, they use the shit out of those services. You and president cancer were completely unqualified for the job of running this country. You showed that time and time again over the last four years.  


I took a relative to Northwest Towing to pick up a vehicle that was in an accident. The two people who were working there at the time were very nice. That ends the nice things I have to say. Why does a vehicle have to be towed there? I asked the Northwest Towing guy, and he said it was between us and the police. The police did not tow the vehicle. You did. One mechanic I mentioned this to, referred to them and another local towing company in a negative way...lol.  
As a retired former third generation firefighter, I have been to many many accidents. Unless the victim was dead, they were generally able to have the vehicle towed where they want. Not having insurance may be an issue, but to make everyone pay for that with this bizarre system, is unacceptable. I will be looking into why it is done that way here.  
$65 dollar mileage charge, for what? Under 10 miles to be sure.  $125-dollar tow charge, milage not included, I guess. $60 storage for less than 24 hours, what a deal. $20 for the city/county. WTF for????  $70 for clean up and something illegible. Oh and bring cash, because fuck customer service. The Muncie Police officer was very polite, but he implied Northwest did a lot of these so it would go well. It did, for Northwest.



There is a button on the top of my web site that says “Crisis Text Line”. There is more than one reason why it is there. For one thing, it is a link to people who help others that are in need, and for those who need someone to tak to.  Also, I have battled with suicidal thoughts most of my life. I am a humanist, which  makes me want to help others. I   believe everyone deserves a chance and help. 
Having said all that, if you can’t get your shit together, don’t take someone else out with you. Even if you believe or know that, that person is the reason for your demise. Because in most cases, that person's spouse is NOT the reason for your demise. Certainly, their children are not the reason for your demise. Random people sure the fuck, are not the reason for your demise. So please get help. But if you must, take your life only. The rest of us still have a chance to make it work. 
Now onto stupid ass DJ, here in Muncie. I had the displeasure of hearing about a minute of 93.5. where DJ and funny person want-to-be said the “democrats want to add 4 seats to the Supreme Court, and out of habit, said they were going to impeach Donald Trump”. Now I will be happy to debate you ANYTIME Jaybo. You can reach me at tom@ImTiredOfTheirShit.com.  I will debate you on air, or on line. I guarantee you know virtually nothing about either of those two things, or how they affect all of us.  You regurgitate the witless humor from the “right”. 
You either have no idea how Republicans stole at least two seats, or why it matters. Have you questioned who paid off Justice Kennedy’s gambling debts? Did you know ANYTHING about why he retired? Do you understand the ramifications of the right, stacking the court with those who want to serve the rich and pretend to serve their sky-daddy, while letting the rest of us rot? 
Have any idea how trump wiped his ass with OUR constitution? Did you know that the Mueller report produced 199 criminal charges, 37 indictments and several people were sent to jail? Including one of trumps former campaign managers, and his former attorney/fixer. Yea that is real fucking funny, isn’t it? He spent MILLIONS of OUR tax dollars at HIS properties. Are you rolling on the fucking ground yet? He has misled trumpsters about the covid, clearly causing the deaths of people. TOO fucking funny, right? Knowing stuff and acting like and adult is just too hard for some. They are too lazy to try to be a better person, so they elevate their selves in their minds, by looking down on others. 
Remember how we heard for years how “Obama needed to go to jail”? Then we got a white president, and he can’t even fucking be charged with a crime? Standing for the anthem doesn’t do shit for a homeless vet. Fuck you and your ignorance that leads others of the fucking cliff! 

Some students that attend a high school in Texas, held a slave auction on snap chat. This is an excellent example of why some white people are afraid of becoming a minority. Because they do not want to be treated the same way they and so many others treated minorities. Again, they are really just afraid of themselves. A sobering thought to those equipped to have that thought. 
6:57 AM 

It has been reported that President Biden will announce a final US troop withdraw from Afghanistan by 9-11. So’ of course the Republicans had to complain about it. But then they are the ones that sent a clown to the White House who constantly wiped his ass with our Constitution.  They were the ones who “thought” that Mexico, a poorer country than ours, would pay for a 30-billion-dollar wall that WE can’t afford. Didn’t think that one through id you now?  
You have zero integrity left, Republican politicians. Zilch, nada, nyet! Remember that “weapons of mass destruction” that you said Iraq had? In reality our intelligence agencies knew exactly what Iraq had because the US had sold it to them under President Reagon. There were NO weapons of that description found.  
So, crawl back in your hole. We are out to make things greater than ever. Not great like some made up magic date in the past. You have shown that you can only win by cheating. The rest of us have shown, you will always be the minority. Too bad you didn’t treat minorities better, boy. 

At this point some Republican politicians just want to be right or correct about something. Don’t get me wrong, they will mostly admit to nothing. But they think one little victory, will make them look good. Let me explain it to you. 
You supported satan as the last president. You supported hitler for the last president. Didn’t “fake news” sound familiar to you?  You are so afraid of someone else, shoving their beliefs down your throat, that you don’t see how poisonous some of your own beliefs are, when shoved down a throat. 
You were NOT correct about the virus. You are STILL lying about the virus. You are still lying about tax cuts, and cuts in rules and regulations, and fracking, and immigrants, and illegal immigration, and entry level jobs. I can’t think of anything you are on the right side of? The NRA was hijacked in the late 70’s by assholes. You think your religion is the only good one, basically, in an attempt at high jacking pretend moral high ground. Many of you think your skin color is the only good one. You are basically on the wrong side of almost everything!!!  
No end could ever justify that shit! 
4/13/2021  5:10

Evan an animal doesn’t live in its own shit, unless a human makes them live that way. (though there may be exceptions) But look what we are doing to this planet. Let’s hope the technology that brought us so many “technological advantages” can bring us relief, from the refuse of those “advantages”.  1:59 PM

Police need more training. But like everything else, Americans want the cheapest fucking deal. Maybe for our sake, we should try to stop being so fucking cheap. 
If you are one of these people who think people of color should just do what the police say, congratulations. You are the fucking problem! 

Will Smith is taking his shit out of the state of Georgia. Well done Mr. Smith. Hitting racists where they will hurt, in the wallet, is the only way at this point. If you can’t look through our history, and see what has been done to women and minorities through the years, then you are probably an old white man. I have said this before, I am white, but I am not THAT white! 
Some white men will tell you that if you that if you work hard, you can do whatever you want and make whatever you want of yourself. Its horseshit of course. It couldn’t work even with just all white men. Let alone with all of any other group. The table is slanted. That deck has been stacked. “An even playing field MUST include access to the field.”  tww 

Perspective!!!! Without it, we are screwed. People need things put into perspective for them. One of the things that the last president ran on is to cut rules and regulations because they lie to people and say they cost jobs. Now first, those rules and regulations protect both the worker and the consumer. If you think we can’t afford them, you are only fooling yourself.  
The same goes for cutting taxes for big corporations. Do you people have internet access? Because big corporations have NOT been hurting over the last few decades. But WORKERS have!!! Open your eyes and look around. Big corporations have been raking in the cash. What the actual fuck??? 


So, I just visited the Dollar General that is closest to me.  I haven’t been there since last year when two of the workers there were talking about how “parents had to pull their children away from Joe Biden”. I guess they were all right with the guy who was in the White House then, who had double digit sexual accusations against him. Oh, and those were just the ones who were brave enough to come forward. Didn’t he also say “when you have lots of money, you can grab them by the pussy”, or something like that? Your stupid ass is ok with that, but question Biden smelling some hair?  Holy shit you two are morons. But I digress. 
Tonight, there was a slob with no mask on, coughing into one of the food coolers. People may call me a slob, because of the way I dress. But they will NEVER catch me doing some piggy shit like coughing into a cooler.  
Thankfully we are making more trips to Costco in Indianapolis. Please build a Costco here in Muncie! 

I guess what I was trying so eloquently to say yesterday is this, if our fellow Americans can’t be counted on to do the simple things that need to be done, we certainly can’t count on them to do the more important things. For example, parking in a fire lane, because they are clearly more important than the rest of us. That lane is pretty important to fire fighters.  
How about reporting crime? Recently Asian Americans have been attacked by trumpsters, while others just stood around. This shit hasn’t happened while I am around because I sure as hell won’t just stand there. Too lazy to park where you are supposed to? Then may you are too lazy to help when you are supposed to.  
When I worked at the local hospital, one of the police officers who worked there was walking by and I heard him say this, “I have faxes and emails coming in. I can’t be worried about being parked 2 or 3 or even 10 inches out of a parking space”. Now at the time I had 7 or 8 e-mail accounts yet I can nail a parking space any time. That is some stupid ass lazy shit there. Too lazy to park in a spot, maybe too lazy to investigate things properly? 
Way too much of being politically correct, is having some fucking manners and not being lazy. The Washington DC football team being called what it was for so long is, you got it, laziness, not to mention a hint of ignorance. My wife says I use to many commas. I am ok with that. 


I was picking up some kids at Selma Elementary here near Muncie. There are two lanes, but one huge black, probably expensive vehicle was taking up more than one lane. I looked over at the driver as I squeaked by, but she seemed oblivious. A little later that same vehicle passed me in the line and she was throwing trash out her window.  
Let me explain something to you. If you throw trash out of the window of the vehicle you are in, you are a fucking pig. Got it? I don’t give a rat’s ass how much your vehicle is worth. Keep it in your fucking lane and if you can’t do that, then get a smaller one. Throwing trash out of your window, especially when kids are in your car is unacceptable. Sadly, you were probably raised poorly also. It’s ignorance and laziness.   

I have no complete faith in the government, or healthcare. But you dumb mother fuckers who won’t get the vaccine because you think there is a chip in it, absolutely need to not breed. Do not bring forth onto our planet human beings that will end up being that stupid.  
By the way, you don’t want to be tracked? Do you leave your cell phone home when you leave? It is tracking your dumbass, also keeping track of several other things. How about that new car you have? The internet says that most new cars have some type of tracking device in them. Do you leave your car at home when you leave?  
Then you have devices in your house that listen to everything you say. Your apps keep track of almost everything. Your watch is also keeping an eye on you. You older people have watched movie after movie about how humans cannot be trusted, yet you ask Siri to play a fucking song for you. The government tracking you is your worry? You see, I know that the more people that get the virus, the more times it will mutate. Keeping us from ever fully having what you are too stupid enough to understand. A chance at a better future.  

I have heard over and over how “both sides are the same”, when it comes to politics in the U.S. . Though there can be similarities, in the last four years the Republican party has gone to plaid, in the direction of the foil hat club. 
I have stated in the past, regardless of who gets elected, they need to be helped and WATCHED. Otherwise, we absolutely get what we deserve. Sadly, those who come after us, do NOT deserve what we leave for them. 
It is obvious that the Republicans cannot win normally, and without cheating. How they can do one thing, and again and again lie about it and get away with it is astonishing. The Mueller Report did NOT say trump was innocent. It said he couldn’t be charged, because that is what trumps personal Attorney General said. Yes, he was supposed to be OUR attorney general.  
The Mueller Report also produced 199 criminal charges, 37 indictment, and several people were sent to jail including one of trumps former campaign managers and his former attorney/fixer. Try to find a trumpster that knows or will accept ANY of that. All corporate media is slanted some but without the press, we would be even more enslaved to the rich. Oh, and foreign owned fox is nothing but poison.  

So, while I am reminiscing about my Korea days, I thought I would share this story. When I first got to Korea, I was held over at the processing place, because I had a clearance. A car came from Seoul, to pick me up. It took me to the Headquarters of the Honor Guard.  
The First Sergeant there explained to me that because I already had a clearance, they wanted to offer me a spot on the Honor Guard. I was indeed honored. They had me drill for a while with some other soldiers. I tested out fine, and they said if you want the job, it’s yours.  
Now to be honest, I am not a crowd of people kind of guy. It’s gotten much worse over the years. Also, my feet are flatter than Ted Cruz’s head. So standing in 0ne place for an hour or two did not appeal to me in any way. 
 I told the TOP, the First Sergeant thanks but I thought I would pass. Now going by the reaction of the TOP, and then the reaction of the guy who drove me back to Seoul, I may have been the first person to ever tell them no. Had I taken the job, a Secret Service or FBI job or the like would have been a snap to get.  
I do not regret my decision. I still had some pretty cool and sometimes wild times in Korea. You have to make decision for yourself sometimes.  

So I got following spam. Clearly if this shithead had my informaation, he would know I don't have $1000.00

I also don’t have cameras on my computers...lol. But I do   hereby curse this human piece of shit.  

Hello Wurster, Thomas,

You may not know me and you are probably wondering why you are getting this e mail, right?

I'm a hacker who cracked your devices a few months ago.

I sent you an email from YOUR hacked account.

I setup a malware on the adult vids (porno) web-site and guess what, you visited this site to have fun (you know what I mean).

While you were watching videos, your internet browser started out functioning as a RDP (Remote Control) having a keylogger which gave me accessibility to your screen and web cam.

after that, my software program obtained all of your contacts and files.

You entered a passwords on the websites you visited! , and I intercepted it.

Of course you can will change it, or already changed it.

But it doesn't matter, my malware updated it every time.

What did I do?

I created a double-screen video. 1st part shows the video you were watching (you've got a good taste haha . . .), and 2nd part shows the recording of your web cam.

Do not try to find and destroy my virus! (All your data is already uploaded to a remote server)

– Do not try to contact with me

– Various security services will not help you; formatting a disk or destroying a device will not help either, since your data is already on a remote server.

I guarantee you that I will not disturb you again after payment, as you are not my single victim. This is a hacker code of honor.

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Yea, don't hold your breath Linda.


I was in the US army, Korea around 1979-1981. I spent some time as a driver for a Major, and then a lieutenant colonel. One day Major Olds and I were out scouting a place for the battalion to move. We went back to an already agreed to spot to meet a helicopter, so we could give them the location.   
While we were waiting for the copter, some children showed up. This place was what most of us would call in the middle of nowhere. No paved streets, no electricity, just people who lived off the land, like so many before them. The Major didn’t really know any Korean words, but I had picked up a few.  
Eventually, we set up a relay race. The Major and I each had a team. After the race was over, Major Olds gave them some of the snack food, he liked to keep in the jeep. Some of the kids left, and came back with fresh vegetables. We had no way to cook them, but we didn’t want to seem rude. 
For a few hours, on a sunny day, in the middle of nowhere, our races, our nationalities, our languages for the most part meant nothing. Whatever they had thought of Americans before that, their laughter showed that they thought we were alright. It’s a good memory. It’s a happy memory. We all need to work on those more. I wish you all, all the luck.  
For those of you who celebrate, Happy Easter. For those and the rest of you, have a great day. 

Senator Todd Young said he is more worried about China, than the infrastructure bill. Here is an idea, let’s do more than one fucking thing at a time? By the way Todd, your boy putin is building up troop's on the Ukraine border. Also, more important than China. 
As far as corporate taxes, we need to educate Americans on how much Ronald Reagan cut those taxes back and how THAT built up quite a bit of debt. Taxes are not the enemy. Lies are. 

So apparently the President misspoke about Georgia's racist voting bill reducing voting hours in Georgia. So now fox news and them are making a big deal about President Bidens mistake. So’ I will put several trump lies up here to make you feel better. 
trump lie #1.  Mexico will pay for the wall. BWAhahahahahahahahahahahaha. Mexicio, a poorer country than ours, was going to pay for a wall WE can’t afford. 
trump lie #2. “I will "show my taxes.” He can’t show his taxes, because he doesn’t PAY any taxes. Surely that is something to be proud of. NOT! 
Trump lie #3. “A general came up to me and said Mr. President, we don’t have any bullets.”  The level of ignorance required to believe that bullshit is off the charts. 
Your shit is week republican politicians.  

Hey Georgia and all other states who don’t want to let everyone vote. We will hit you in the pocket book, until you can grow the fuck up. Think we are playing? Watch us win! 

Fuck taking a day off. 
First, you people who play Texas Hold-em, and whine about algorithms, and suck outs, and short stacks, can all kiss my short stacked ass! Everyone should play the same way?  Bwahahahahaha. See ya at the table...😊 
Now as far as the Lieutenant schmuck Governor of Ohio, If you want to come down on China for stealing technology, or being somewhat seemingly ungrateful for the help with World War ll, or Pooh Bear killing off anyone who isn’t the “perfect Chinese Person”, that’s one thing. Tweeting out what you did about the flu is just another example of the childish behavior that has lived just under the surface of about one third of the people in the United States. A child in a local school here in Indiana, was reading a story with the class. When the child came to some Spanish words, she said “it's all ching chang chow”, or something like that. She had to have learned that witless racist humor from somewhere. To smarter people, she looks pathetic.  That kind of behavior is not something to be proud of. About one third of this country, is already at Idiocracy level.  This is not an April Fool's joke. In this case, the fools are not funny. 

Taking a day or two off.  
They claim voter fraud without any proof. 
If we aren't smart enough to call them on their bullshit, they will keep shitting on us. 
Get the fucking vaccine if you can. 


Apparently, the Wine and Vine is under a protective order from its asshole neighbors. Personally, I think it’s bullshit. If the thugs were black, they would already be sentenced. However, I will not pursue this any further at this moment. Make no mistake, these bird sanctuary patriots are NOT standing up for Americans. They are standing up for their racist, bullying, that has kept others down for centuries.

The positive Covid rates were going down, but we are too fucking stupid as a specie to learn from it, and keep being smart about it. Now the numbers are going back up. Because we can’t do the correct thing? No. Because we DON’T WANT TO. We seem to be devolving and becoming more immature by the day. Oh, but we have thumbs. BWAhahahahahaha BWAhahahahahahahaha 

Personally, I don’t believe in a heaven or hell. But if either does exist, the lowest level of hell is reserved for traitors. 


Make no mistake. Those white people who are comfortable bullying others, clearly do not have the recourses to understand what they are doing. If I do not here from the Indiana States Attorney, or the Delaware county prosecutor, it will be time to get the media involved. Not to mention an animal rights group or two. 

The thugs who attacked The Wine and Vine in Muncie Indiana need to be punished. The fact that they are white, or trumpsters, is NOT a valid defense. In fact, it's never been a good defense. WE evolve and mature, or we die as a society. All for vanity and misdirected pride. 
There is only one good definition for “United” in the name United States.  

A good friend of mine got pregnant and had a baby around the age of fifteen. The family sent her off to stay with a relative miles away. The father was 21 years old. 21 fucking years old. Nothing was done to him, because in the eyes of our tilted society, it was her fault and not the adults. It’s this same damaged mine set that allows old white men, to continue to shit on everyone else. Yes, I am white, but I am not THAT white. I am a male, but if I “think” that makes me better, its automatically the opposite. I am automatically not better, because I am using damaged logic to come to that conclusion. The bullying will stop or are society will fail. I need no college degree to see this. No one should need anything other than clear eyes and an open mind. 
“We can continue to fight each other over greed and deities, or we can come together to fight the upcoming battle with the weather. We could have never one both of these battles, and it may be too late to win either.” tww 

If you are not lying, show your proof!!!  YOU CAN"T!

Republican Rep. Jan Jones said the provisions cutting the time people have to request an absentee ballot are meant to “increase the likelihood of a voter’s vote being cast successfully,”. Her nose then grew 14 feet long! Stop your fucking lying, republicans. There is NO way to steal an election in the United States, by voter fraud with millions of fucking votes. You have to be completely ignorant of how our system works. 
Where is the proof???? YOU DON’T HAVE ANY!!!!YOU LYING SACKS OF SHIT! Now election fraud, there is plenty of that if you open your eyes. Reducing early voting, closing polling places, purging voter rolls, LYING ABOUT the integrity of ur elections without ANY fucking proof, dark money, foreign owned fox entertainment dumbing down the herd, Questionable voting equipment, questionable people in charge of state elections, and so on. 
There is NO proof of widespread or even narrow spread voting fraud or you would show the proof. Sadly, too many of your supporters don’t have the recourses to know you are fucking them. Fortunately for you, because many of the have weapons. They are often proud people, and they wouldn’t appreciate being taken advantage of by those they support. If you weren’t lying, you would be shouting your proof from the roof tops. SHAME. 

Georgia Governor, and human piece of shit, Brian Kemp signed a bill into law in Georgia today making it easier for Republicans to cheat. All white guys standing around him, while he shits on our democracy. No women. No minorities. Just white guys. Brian Kemp, and his ilk are cowards. They have no courage. They have no integrity. In the military, we would say THEIR SHIT IS WEAK! Fuck you gutless cheaters!!!

Our slave raping forefathers could not have given you the right to own machineguns as they did not exist then. I have friends here in Indiana who have guns. I have never seen their guns and they don’t fucking take pictures of themselves with them either.  
Now one of the reasons you say you have guns is to protect your stuff. Why? Because other people might want to take your stuff. Why? Because you have voted for old white men all your life, those same old white men have made sure it is far easier for white people to have stuff, than any other people. This isn’t an opinion. Open your fucking eyes and look around! 
Then of course you want to protect your family. If someone else hurt your family it would be a tragedy. However, nearly 1300 children are killed by guns and many more are seriously injured. What about their safety? People are getting shot by automatic weapons at the store, movie theatres, and schools. What the fuck about their lives? What the fuck about their rights?  
Any time someone says they are coming for all the guns, I ask them: 
1) Would you give up your guns? Hell, no they say. 
2) Do you know anyone who would? Hell, no they say again. 
3) Do you know anyone who would want or do the job of taking away guns? Hell, no again.  
So, they are never going to come get your guns and take them all away. So maybe we could grow the fuck up some and have some fuckling rules if you are so fucking law abiding! 

What the fuck is going on in this country? Where was the justice when president cancer was wiping his ass with OUR constitution? Spending OUR money at HIS golf properties? The letter below should be self-explanatory.  

Dear Prosecutor Eric M. Hoffman                          3/24/2021                                     
3100 S Tillitson                                                                
Suite 270 
Muncie, IN 47302 
 I have learned that the building of a local business, and a dog that the business owner has, was brutally attacked by neighbors of that business. 
The Wine and Vine 
East McGalliard Rd 
Muncie, IN 47303 
 Apparently, these alleged crimes were recorded with security cameras. Yet as far as we know, the alleged criminals have not been charged. After the  January 6th attack on the US capital by terrorists, I would hate to think that kind of behavior would be tolerated in Delaware County Indiana.  
 Thank you for your time, 
 Thomas Wurster 
106 S Keystone Circle 
 Muncie, IN  47303 
 Copy; States Attorney's Office 
Blog www.MuncieRadioBlows.com   

 I miss my friend.  RIP Buddy.


I regret to inform you that all the old blog is gone. We have not been able to recover it from the crashed computer. Always back up your files. R.I.P. words of wisdom.



The founder of Texas Roadhouse took his own life, partially because of Tinnitus from Covid 19. I am very sorry he had that. I have had it since I was child. It is so fricking loud now, I don’t sleep until I can’t stay awake any longer. What used to sound like a thousand crickets or frogs, now sounds like ten thousand crickets or frogs, with a giant fucking gas leak on top of that. But the Social Security Judge somehow got the idea that my tinnitus was intermittent. No, your “Honor”, IT NEVER FUCKING GOES AWAY!!!! I said I couldn't fucking sleep! I really have to wonder why you made the choice that you did. The two people you saw before me, were in there for a TOTAL of about 25 minutes. Their lawyer told both of them, in front of my wife and I, that they had WON their case. THEN, you fucking drill me for an hour and fifteen minutes?  Then tell me that a disease I have had for over 30 years doesn’t fucking qualify??? I have NOTHING but contempt for you and a lousy system!  

It seems, “cancel culture” seems to be a hot topic. Now as far as “political correctness”, to me that just seems to be having some fucking manners. But there are things in our culture that have to go and they have needed to go for some time now. “That’s how we always did it”, in no way makes something alright to do. Women have been treated horribly in the work place. The way minorities have been treated is equally as bad.  
I was training a coworker one time. He said, “I guess the ni@#^%'s don’t like the rebel flag being displayed.” To that I replied, “I always wondered what rebels were prouder of, losing to the North, or raping slaves.” He had nothing else to say for a while. Claiming something is your culture or heritage, does NOT make that culture or heritage ok, or something to celebrate. 
Shit needs to change, and some of it is changing overnight. So, help with that change, or get the fuck out of the way. It's that simple because we ARE going to change! 

So apparently president cancer doesn’t pay any fucking taxes. If you want to call 700 dollars ok, you are too stupid to be here on my web site. I blogged again and again, that is why he lied about showing them in the first place. HE DOESN’T PAY ANY FUCKING TAXES!!! Also, THAT IS NOT FUCKING OK!!!   
We are getting screwed by the super-rich, and many of the rich. You can’t fucking earn a billion dollars. You can make it off the backs of others though. That isn’t something I read somewhere. I figured it out all on my own! The masters, the 1% of the 1% want a divided electorate. That way, they can keep screwing the rest of us. Wake the fuck up United states!!! 
Also, a United States would have been building WATER pipe lines, not oil pipe lines. Just saying!!! 

Well done People of Georgia!!!!  You have spoken, and the Republicans are backing off. Keep speaking!!! Tawanda Mother Fuckers!!!! 

HEY Putin, you want to debate? Then let Alexi Navalny join You and President Biden. You don’t fucking have the guts to do that. You are a thug that sends others to do the work. You are a tupista and that is the ONLY way you can stay in power. Just like the republicans. At least they kill people with their policies and not their thugs.  

Oh lord help us. The Republicans are threatening to stand in the way of progress for our country. Are they fucking kidding? Do they think everyone is as stupid as they are? Both times President Obama got elected, John Boaner and Bitch Mcconell said they would not work with President Obama. So, President Obama used executive orders when he could. Then, stupid ass Republican voters blamed President Obama for using executive orders. I don’t know how we are supposed to penetrate  that much stupid?  
Get rid of the fucking filibuster, or bring back the original one. Look at the places where Republicans have been in charge for years and years. How is their education? How is their economy? Wake the FUCK up!!!! 

The site was down for a bit. Hosting company was also down. Shit happens. Move on.


About one year ago, I had a twitter account with several thousand followers. I was, and will always be, TheHaterOfGreed. Now I made a comment about how I would vote for Biden, but how I thought incremental change was one of the reasons why we got stuck with president cancer. Holy shit did people get upset. I was told, “”I didn’t know what I was talking about” and how “we can’t change things overnight” and some other bullshit.  
One woman told me, “I suppose you want the laws passed that you want”. I said yes, “Women should make as much as men, and police needed to stop killing, beating, and harassing people of color. Even some people of color were telling me we can’t change overnight. No shit! You were freed how long ago, yet in the small minds of some, YOU ARE STILL A SLAVE!!! 
I also told people they needed to get their head out of their ass about the virus. Again, I “didn’t know what I was walking about.” So, I deleted my twitter account. Then, in the next few weeks, the smarter of those people saw that I knew EXACTLY what I was talking about. More and more people of color and the smarter white people got fed up with the lack of training Police were getting and how they consistently targeted those of color. 
Then, all hell broke loose because of the virus. I quit facebook because they screwed us by helping elect president cancer. I quit twitter, because who needs that stupid shit. Know what the fuck you are talking about before you tell someone else, they don’t know what THEY are talking about 

The Democrats are launching their, “help is here tour”. Meanwhile, the Republicans are launching their, “Hey look over there. Isn’t that a caravan of brown people”, tour? The Republicans will use pretty much anything to distract their already distracted followers. Nothing the Republicans say has to be the truth, as most of their supporters all suck at the teat of foreign owned fox entertainment.  They know their supporters in most cases will never know they are being lied to. It’s Monday in America. Wake the FUCK UP!!!!!!!! 

I just watched Representative Kevin McCarthy blame the “problem at the boarder” on President Biden. Of course, the Republicans “thought” Mexico, a poorer country than ours, would pay for a wall WE can’t afford. Yea they didn’t think that one through, did they? This is just another bold face lie, by those who lie all the time. People coming here used to have a way to legally apply for asylum. But president cancer ended that a few years ago. He blocked the places where people could apply. The majority of those who did apply, before president cancer, would show up for the court date they were given.  
Immigrants, who are here legally and those who are here illegally, are less likely to be involved In a crime. This has been proven by statistics. The republicans have created this problem, NOT president Biden. Those on the right who pretend to be “pro-life” sure have a funny way of showing it. Call them on their bullshit! There are plenty of examples.  

Someone not wanting to pay ten dollars for a hamburger is a poor argument as to why minimum wage can’t be raised. The reality is, why the fuck do you think a cheaper hamburger for you, is worth making others suffer? It’s also a stupid argument as the places where they have raised minimum wage have not seen prices rise like that. 
Also let me remind you that the “entry level” argument is bullshit. Where are the entry level groceries and the entry level car parts and the entry level health are? It comes down to us tax payers, subsidizing businesses like walmart and amazon. What the fuck is wrong with you people?  
On a different note,Hey Republican's, do you see how Cuomo is being treated by his peers? Or at least many of them? They are not enabling him. They don’t give a rat’s ass what the base is thinking. Of course, most of their base is probably thinking the same thing. He has to go. Yet you enabled president cancer for over 4 years now. That is what your sorry ass should be thinking about. How president cancer was, among others things, a horrible example. for children. In almost ALL cases the end cannot justify the means. This case wasn’t even fucking close!  


What is a two-faced mother fucker? Tom Wurster defines it as this; Someone who not only says one thing, then does another, but also one who takes advantage of others and their prearranged ignorance of what is going on in the world. A fine example is Mississippi’s Senator and guy who just wants to fit in, Roger Wicker. Now Rog tweeted about how great the Covid legislation will help independent restaurants. You are absolutely right Senator. The problem is, you voted NO for the bill. You and all the “not proud boys”. Your crew had no problem giving that much money to the rich. Who by the way won’t spend it like the rest of us. That makes you good sir, a TwoFacedMotherFucker. 

 Do NOT call the Affordable Care act, OBAMA CARE!!!  What the FUCK is wrong with you journalists??? Of course, other than the ones on foreign owned fox garbage...lol.  Call it the ACA or call it the Affordable Care Act.    
That is all! For now...:)

What are you afraid of? The reality is you are afraid of you. 
You don’t want to be treated the way you treated some others. 
You don’t want to be treated the way you treated brothers 
You don’t want to be held back, the way you held back mothers 
You are afraid of being led by others 
Because you are afraid of yourself 



I was just in the Muncie Lowes. For those of you who want to make a statement by not wearing a mask, you are making ALL of the following statements: 
Your ignorance is pure. 
Your laziness is pure. 
There may very well be inbreeding in your family’s past. 
You have no problem possibly infecting other people including children.  
You have no problem causing the death of someone else. 
(It looked like they worked for a glass company) 
Now on to the fuckling* who parked in the lane of the loading zone (blue truck). You see, most of the people who were raised better park first, they then go in and pay for what they are getting, THEN pull into the fucking LOADING  ZONE. Some people who were not raised quite as good, park up against what they are about to buy. But your ignorant ass just parked right in the fucking middle of the loading zone lane because you are the only mother fucker on this planet. This again is pure laziness and pure ignorance.  I feel sorry for anyone who has to be around your stupid ass for any length of time.  
Fuck stupidity and laziness! 

*Fuckling: Someone who is lost, and doesn’t bother to be found. Someone who thinks they are the only mother fucker on the planet. It's not always that they are too stupid, often they are just too lazy.

Another human life is hanging on a thread, because of a college hazing. (He has passed) There is a pattern here, if you are brave enough to look and see it. From tax cuts to the rich, to overburdening the poor with laws that bully. From decades of trying to keep women in the kitchen, to decades of underpaying women for the same job men will get paid more to do.  
Many of those people “on top”, can only stay there by keeping others on the bottom. We have been told this is just the way it is. “We can’t fight city hall”. BULLSHIT!!!! WE ARE CITY HALL!!!! Grow a backbone! Grow a pair!  
On a different note, the next time ANYONE storms the Capital, start shooting them in the legs. One bullet per person. I guarantee the rest of those gutless mother fuckers will flee the other way! You know damn well if the mob had been mostly black, many other police departments would have started shooting. We are a sad, bullying, specie. Pretending to be better, only makes it look worse.  

The older blog will return. There will be a new page for videos and a page to keep you up to date on Clay county Georgia.


Washington DC is our Capital. So, STATION some fucking military there!!! Does it suck that we have to do that now? Yes. Whose is to blame? President skidmark and the March 6 bird sanctuary patriots. Oh, and all the republican politicians that supported him and CERTAINLY the ones that still support him. They are not brave. They are gutless punks. Their 15 minutes needs to be up! 

Guns for everyone. What could possibly be wrong with that?

Texas and Mississippi, two states where many of their residents don’t even fucking have drinking water, are scaling back Covid rules. You see, republican politicians have screwed up those states, so they want to distract their trumpster voters by looking like they are all for freedom. Yep, freedom to have a poor power system, freedom to be dirt poor and have lousy education and healthcare. The freedom to be so fucking stupid, that you don’t understand the difference between voter fraud and election fraud. So fucking stupid, you “think” Mexico, a poorer country than ours, could or would afford to pay for a wall WE can’t afford. Yea, not much thinking going on over there. 
 On a different note, I got to see what it feels like to wonder if your grandkids are ok. The school went on lockdown, because a car whose driver was shooting at police, was nearby. On a related note, complete morons who live here in Indiana, think there should be no laws for carrying concealed weapons. Or at least you don’t need a permit. Why? Are they not law abiding? FYI the Second amendment says we can have a well-regulated militia. It really does NOT say everyone can have a fricken gun. But many of the gun owners have bought into the fear that someone wants to come get their stuff. Maybe they should elect politicians that don’t make it so hard for SOME people to have stuff? What a fuckling revolutionary fucking idea! I have invented the word "fuckling". I will come up with a definition later.

While we are talking about the police, who’s dumb ass idea was it to stop meeting the police half way? This is a completely unnecessary risk on the police officer's life and makes no fucking sense! If you want to support police officers, give them better training. Give them less stupid ass laws that bully the poor. Have them meet the driver at the bumper like before. Oh and punish those mother fuckers that killed the DC Police Officer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 



For the second time in as many days, I have seen someone stopped by the Muncie Police, but they didn’t bother to pull off the road. Even if the one being pulled over isn’t smart enough to pull off the fucking road, the officer should be smart enough to have them pull off the road.  In today’s case, the second vehicle was getting out the drug dog. No doubt protecting us from dangerous drugs like marijuana. Fun fact, marijuana is still a schedule one drug in the US like cocaine and heroin. That’s because as a nation, we seem to be too fucking stupid to put a stop to that nonsense.  At least the Muncie Chief of Police isn’t so fucking stupid, that he thinks Hoosiers should be able to carry concealed weapons without any fucking rules. Sadly, the Delaware County sheriff is exactly that fucking stupid. 
I have heard references to Sherrif Andy Taylor. He didn’t have to carry a gun, because he worked for the people, not against the people. I support good police officers. But clearly, they need more training and less stupid ass hateful laws to impose on the poor. 

I finally seem to be getting some interest in my Legal Malpractice lawsuit. My former attorney told me, “it can’t all be lollipops and rainbows.”   I am a veteran and I am a former third generation firefighter. But yes, I have also been a janitor. I am not ashamed of being a janitor, Chuck. After all, it is honest work and you are not making a living of off other people's misery. I will see you in court Chuck. Either a federal court, or the court of public opinion. Either way, see you then. 

The 2020 blog and some other blog may have died with one of our computers. Not that 2020 wasn’t a big shit of a year anyways. One of the few good things was that president cancer was defeated. Either way, we shall press on. Have a great week people.  

A computer is down. We have a cpomputer down. In the old days I would have blamed it on president cancer...lol. Anyways, fingers crossed, chanting, it comes back to life.  We are working on some things. Watch this spot...:)


We can continue to fight each other for greed and deities, or we can come together as a specie to battle the upcoming weather. We could never have won both battles, and by now it might be too late to win either.

Reposted 2/25/2021


Teachers should most certainly be very close to the TOP of the list of those who get the COVID vaccine next. So of course, they are NOT close to the top of the list here in Indiana. Way to go Hoosiers. Also 76% of Americans back the COVID relief package. That includes 60% of Republicans. So of course, the two senators from this fine state, oppose it. There may be a gas leak in this state. Or maybe something in the water????


Apparently, there is “debate raging over whether race had a role in police response to capital riot.” Might I ask who the fuck is debating this? Might I ask who is so fucking stupid that they can’t see the obvious? If you don’t “think” race was involved, you should not use your thinker for anything important. This almost 60-year-old white man has been able to see the fucking obvious for decades now. What an often-lonely spot to be. Still, it’s better than pretending that reality is something other than it really is.


I have made it one of my missions to help the Good People of Clay County Georgia. Let me assure you Dr. Kinsell and the Georgia State Health Department are in NO WAY connected to this site. I saw the story on Rachel Maddow.

 Now before you run on that statement, I watch very little corporate news. I believe all corporate news is slanted some. Having said that, if it were not for the media, we would be even more enslaved to the rich. Also, foreign owned fox entertainment is pure poison.

 Dr. Kinsell is the only Dr. in Clay County. Who knows when she has her last vacation? At least some of her patients can’t even afford to pay the small fee to see her. But she doesn’t  turn anyone away. Her office is an old Tastee Freeze building that needs repair, to say the least.

How is it that in a state as big as Georgia, the people of Clay County don’t seem to matter? As a third generation Firefighter, I learned the value of working with corporations, to fill voids made by politicians. The following companies call Georgia their home for their main headquarters. I have written them in hopes of soliciting some help for Dr. Kinsell and her staff.

Aflac Worldwide Headquarters
1932 Wynnton Road
Columbus, GA 31999

Attn: Public Relations


Coca-Cola Company Headquarters.

 1 Coca Cola Plz NW

Atlanta, GA 30313

Attn: Public Relations

If you would like to make =a cash donation, here is the address of Dr. Kinsell.

Kinsell, Karen S MD

(229) 768-3888

305 Washington Street

Fort Gaines, GA 39851

I am making a page for Clay County where I may update progress of Dr. Kinsell.



Police NEED rules! In Military Police School they teach VERY strict rules about when you can use deadly force. The suspect being unarmed and black is NOT one of those instances. If you think people of color should just “do what the officer says”, you are probably white and you are definitely fucking stupid when it comes to this topic! For the record I am white, but I am not THAT white!!!


By not punishing the Bird Sanctuary Patriots, we invite more inbreds to do the same. By not punishing the Jan. 6 thugs, including those in power who encouraged them, we again invite lawlessness. We need leaders with courage.


It seems there are a couple Democratic Governors who may be in trouble. This is what many Republicans don’t seem to understand. Wrong is wrong. Period. Your party matters not when it comes to right and wrong. You cannot justify one person’s wrongdoing, by highlighting another person’s wrongdoing.

You can ask for clarity. For example, Secretary Clinton deleted 30k e-mails. That was wrong. Period. But the Republicans didn’t get up in arms when Georg’ W’s administration deleted 22 MILLION. Clearly a double standard. But again, both were wrong!


Do things like education, and utilities, and health care suck where you live? Well if they do, then you only have to answer this one question. “Who’s been in charge?”

Let’s make some fucking changes for the good! Let’s make some changes for PEOPLE! ALL PEOPLE!!!!


Rules are not the problem people, GREED is.

Texas is famous for its lack of rules and regulations. Because they have been lied to and told regulations bad, greeed is good. So many Texans’ are freezing their trump off right now, while many of the grids board members don’t even LIVE in Texas,  Bwahahahahahaah.

Perry says you should be fine for a few days without electricity. I’ll bet he is in the dark right now…😊 Be sure to give him your love the next time you see him. Oh and its not green energy causing this shit either. Its people voting against their best interests for decades, while people like Perry get richer.  Enjoy!


You wouldn’t  have to cage the poor people in, if you didn’t keep them poor.


Hey Chuck, no worries. I haven’t forgotten about you…😊

On another note, for a while I wondered how I underestimated how much damage president cancer could do. But in reality, I underestimated just how cowardly so many republican politicians are. They are the ones that enabled his crimes. They are also to blame for the carnage of the last four years.


A shout out to all the new visitors who have stopped by lately. We are all in this together, whether we like it or not. Our very survival as a specie depends on it. I often say, “I am white, but I am not THAT white”. The color of our skin in no way makes us better or worse.

President skidmark used fear to gain power, much like hitler did. They both villainized the press any time the press printed the truth. They both pointed fingers at anyone who was different or had the audacity to think for themselves.

In BOTH instances, they were kept in power by those who lacked the courage to do the correct thing. When we don’t learn history, we are in danger from those who have learned it. A close source said that skidmark kept a book of hitler speeches by his bed side. The truth of that statement has no affect on the reality of the last four years.


I wonder how the families of the victims of 1/6 feel after the republican senators gave president skidmark a pass? At least 7 of them had the courage to stand up for what is right.



I just heard Brian "Brain" on one of the Woofboom stations joke about how many Executive Orders have been signed in the last 20 days. Hey Brian, do you know what any of those orders were for? Any idea how many Executive orders president skidmark signed? Do you have any fucking idea what ANY of those were for?  Yea, just keep playing down to the dumb. Its easier.


I am going to change things around a bit. I will repost the blog after I break it down into smaller pages.

If Republican Politicians don’t have the balls to convict trump, then they don’t deserve to be in office.   PERIOD! 2/10 2021

I have written in the past that it makes no sense to hook power plants up to the internet. NOTHING should be able to be altered by the fucking internet. Here’s a fucking idea, let’s HIRE some people!!!! Well now a water treatment plant in Pinellas County Florida was hacked. Why the hell does it need to be hooked up to the internet? If there is information it needs to share, it could be displayed it on a web site.  WTF???


ATLANTA 30334-0900

February 8, 2021


PO Box 2998
Muncie, IN 47307-4477


Dear Mr. Wurster:

          Thank you for contacting my office to request assistance.  I appreciate your concerns.

          I have  forwarded a copy of your information to the Georgia Department of Community Health with the request that the appropriate staff member review your information and respond to you.  You may also contact this office directly:

Georgia Department of Community Health

Office of Rural Health
2 Peachtree Street, NW, Suite 40
Atlanta, GA 30303
Phone:  404-656-4496

          Thank you again for writing.  I hope this information is helpful.


 Governor Brian P. Kemp

cc: Dept. of Community Health

I wrote to the Governor about Clay County.  What the fuck do you do???


Watch for my videos.  

A car with a “Muncie Radio Blows” bumper sticker was keyed. Way to go trumpsters. Way to prove me correct. Again!